Sunday, June 1, 2008

What's Brewing at the Baby Shower?

Have you looked at the Grandbaby Ticker on the sidebar? Only 64 more days to go ! J's sister-in-law and future sister-in-law hosted her first baby shower today. It was held at the Delafield Brewhaus. But the only thing brewing today was coffee, root beer and yes, a BABY!
There were piles and piles of presents! I'm not sure how they'll get these all home to MO. But the little one certainly will have a nice stash of clothing, toys, gadgets and gear when he makes his arrival! J's friend make this cute cake. The from scratch chocolate cake (similar to my mother's chocolate cake recipe) with butter cream frosting was delicious. It takes a special occasion like this to banish the guilt!
There were too many photos of cute "little" things to post.
One of my projects from last week. I'll post a better photo this week for all my quilty bag lady friends out there!
I had to reach across the table to snap a photo of this yummy strawberry/chicken salad before someone dug her fork in! She's probably wondering what this crazy woman was doing stalking her salad! I had the chicken salad croissant, which was very good, just not as pretty, and E had the good old hamburger. But she dug right into that before I could get the little Kodak fired up!
There couldn't have been a prettier Wisconsin day to hold a baby shower. My favorite photo of the day! A proud papa and an anxious mama! J's been working so hard getting some home improvement projects completed - wonder where he picked up those genes! A little rest and relaxation was his goal while the ladies "showered" the mom to be.

I'll hit the road back home in the morning, battling the Chicago rush hour traffic. E and I had a great time shopping on Saturday. We were trying to see how many suburban malls and shopping centers we could tackle in one day! At last count, I believe it was six. If it hadn't been for that margarita at the last stop - I might have been able to make seven!

Have a great week and a happy June! Summer has arrived!


JD said...

I LOVE that picture of James holding my belly! And that is one of his classic faces. How cute. I am glad you got a picture of the salad, it was so pretty, but the chicken salad croissant was huge! Thanks for traveling up to WI and celebrating the day with us, it really meant a lot. I look forward to another month when you can all be here for the next one. Oh and I should be almost double the size aparently, because he should double in size, so that will be interesting!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Awwww what a cute photo of momma and pappa!!! Love the baby shower photos. And that salad was sooo pretty I wouldnt want to be the first one to mess it up.