Monday, May 9, 2016

RVillage - North to Alaska

RVillage is an online group of RV owner's and travelers.  We joined this group when it first became active but haven't utilized it much until we began planning our Alaska Adventure. Smaller groups for similar interests are available.  "North to Alaska" is the one we are the most active in.  It has been interesting to read various tips and info that other travelers have shared. Several have already began the trip and have been sharing their experiences crossing the Canadian border and approaching the wildfires near Fort St. John.

One of the members designed a sign that was suggested that everyone who is traveling to Alaska this summer display so we could identify each other along the way. Because evidently with only a few roads headed North, you will likely see the same RV'rs at various stops along the way.  RVillage has the option for you to update your location along the way so others can find you too.  

So here's our sign!  D put the laser to use and decorated his fancy/smancy carrier for the back of the RV.  After all, we need a little extra room for "things" like our little Weber Q grill, leveling blocks, ladder, tools and more. Maybe even shoes, since we will be gone almost three months!  

Things are gradually being crossed off the list and our departure date is fast approaching!  

Saturday, April 30, 2016

One Month and Counting!

The countdown has begun! We have a tentative date of May 30 to leave on our Alaskan Adventure. That might change a few days either way but now we have to get serious about getting things ready. 

There has been some shopping going on.  Here's a few of our purchases.

 This past year has been one of some serious health improvements.  Losing weight is never easy, but with a partner to keep share the struggle this time we've both had major success (30 pounds + for each of us).  We don't want to blow it so three months of travel and trying to fix healthy meals in a small RV kitchen is going to be a challenge.  The "weight loss experts" might disagree but we've found that stepping on the scale every day helps.  We found this little bitty scale on Amazon.  It measures only out 6 x 8" is very light weight.  Perfect for our little bitty RV bathroom! 

Walking has been our main exercise, but we are going to try some hiking when we are in Alaska.  These Keens might be more boot than we need, but at least we will be prepared!  I really think we should go over to one of the area state parks and hit a trail or two before we leave, but not sure if we will have time.  After all, D is still working (at least for the next month!)


Yep, he's still making some "improvements" to the Pursuit.  Adding another house battery will allow us to stay "off-grid" (no electricity) awhile longer.  We've heard that many places will allow camping along the roadside pull-outs so we will be ready!  I might not be able to use my hair dryer or microwave, but we can have lights and maybe watch a movie.  He also added a new little antenna to the roof of the Pursuit to boost our cell phone signal.  He's working on the carrier we are adding to the rear of the RV.  I'll get photos of that when he gets it done this week.  

It's getting real!  The adventure awaits :)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Preparing for an Adventure

We've talked about this for a few years now.  The ultimate RV adventure of driving to Alaska for the summer!  So we are planning, preparing and praying to make 2016 the year it will finally happen.  

With the help of the Milepost, maps and Church's Alaskan Camping guide, I am trying to come up with a loose itinerary.  We are trying to not plan too much and just "play it by ear" for much of the trip.  The only reservations we've made so far are for a campground in popular Denali National Park. By the time we get back home to Indiana in late August or early September, we will have traveled over 10,000 miles!

Obviously, we've got to make sure our little motorhome ( a 2013 Pleasure-Way Pursuit) is in tip top shape for this trip.  One thing D thought would make the truck drive easier  and ride more comfortable  was to install new shocks.  After lots of research, he chose Bilstein Shocks.  Now my husband is pretty talented,  but usually lets a professional mechanic handle anything automotive.  But again, after lots of research (you will soon see a pattern here !) he decided he would tackle this project himself.  No problem for this guy!  Not an easy feat, but he accomplished the project with perseverance and very few choice words, in a few hours.  

We drove the RV to Nashville for a weekend of Grand Ole Opry and shopping and were happy to find that this modification was worthwhile.

This little old blog has been ignored lately, but maybe the prospect of our upcoming adventure will bring it some new life.  I will try to post more about our preparations and then post when I can along the way.  Stay tuned !!  We truly will be "On The Road..."