Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Happy Beginnings!

Wedding photos as promised!

Our niece and her new hubby exchanged vows last week at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum.  The grand entrance steps and the evening sky made for nice photos.  These were taken by her Uncle D.  No professional photographers were needed with so many talented relatives and friends with nice cameras! Her mother (my sister) baked fifteen (or sixteen?) cream cheese bundt cakes and her new mother-in-law baked several german chocolate cakes.  All were delicious!  Note the cake topper.  It has made it's appearance at five family weddings over three generations with a little decorative tweaking each time.  That was my responsibility on the day before. My sister also made the adorable flower girl dresses.  No one would ever guess that the pretty bridesmaid dresses came from the bride's favorite large chain store!  Everything turned out wonderful.  The food was wonderful and even though the weather didn't cooperate to have the reception outside, the museum was a beautiful setting.

Some family photos for my blog reading relatives! 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. R ! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Beginnings

We've had a busy and exciting June.  First the busy.  

I don't know how many different patterns and fabrics I contemplated for this quilt. But once I found this pattern  by Hyacinth Quilt Design, it all started to come together.  With mostly some miscellaneous Amy Butler and other modern prints in my stash with an emphasis on oranges, grays and aqua, I finally completed this large throw  for my niece and her new hubby. Note the circle quilting. I wasn't sure of the best design to use with all the straight lines of the quilt, but Tina, my LAQ, was wanting to use this new design.  I think it works well, especially with the polka dot borders.   As usual, I was the queen of procrastination with this project but managed to get it done with a few days to spare!

On our way out west to attend the wedding, we had an overnight stop.  A few laughs with these little guys (who are growing up so fast!) and a short visit with their mama and daddy, made the remainder of our trip the next day not quite so long.

Wedding photos to come soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend Visitor

We had a house guest over this past holiday weekend.  It doesn't take a lot to entertain this sweet little guy but we did make a trip to a local petting zoo.  Goats, miniature horses and chickens were his favorites.  
Mama and Daddy enjoyed their weekend of camping, but promised to take their little camper next time.  I think they missed him. But we had fun!  We had hoped to get all three grandsons together this past weekend, but it didn't work out.  It is great that the cousins are all close in age and I''m sure one day they will have a great time playing and getting to know each other.  

We are looking forward to another road trip in June.  This one will be so exciting since our niece in Oklahoma is getting married.  I hope to have some fun family photos to share!