Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back Again !

It's been awhile.  But many things happening here and "on the road" so I probably get a few things recorded here on the little blog.  Not so much because anyone will read this and be interested, but because I don't do any other journal.  At the rate I seem to forget things anymore, this is my best bet!  There have been some other trips, vacations and reunions but tonight I'll just post a few photos from a past weekend's ride.

Our new Harley.  We're loving this one!  We had to retire the 08 Screaming Eagle after almost 50,000 miles and before more $$Harley$$ were required to keep it in tip-top shape.  It served us very well, but had it's little quirks which so far we've not found in the new bike.  So far, we are very happy with the change!

Of course we're not ones to miss a meal so our first stop of the day was Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse in Hodgenville, KY.  It's a pretty impressive place for a little town but when you are a successful country music star, it's nice to build something to bring people to your hometown.  

 If you get Southern Living Magazine, check out the June issue and the article about Rockcastle River Trading Co.  We saw this and decided it would make a great destination for our weekend ride.
Built by Jon Carloftis, a successful New York garden designer, artist and author, this little gift shop and gardens tended by his mother and sister, is a hidden gem off the beaten path. 

It made for an interesting stop on our weekend drive.  The weather has been so weird this year that many of the flowers were already past their prime.

Pretty scenes in Kentucky.  One of many barn quilts and handsome horses grazing along the roadside.

Since I started to write this post several weeks ago, I guess it is time to finally publish it!  Especially since we've had a few exciting events since then too!

On Memorial Day weekend we traveled back to our home towns in Kansas for our 40th (yikes that makes me feel old!) high school class reunion.  This is the OHS class of 1972, or at least a good portion of them.  .  No, that's not our high school as someone on Facebook thought, but the old Boy Scout cabin behind us. We had a great time catching up and visiting with some of our old friends.  I doubt that any of them read this little blog, but if they do....Hi there !!

The next weekend, my cousin and his wife and one of his sons were in the area vacationing. I actually did some entertaining and cooked a meal for them one night, then we met them for a nice long lunch at Wallace Station a couple of days later.  It great to see then again!  I hope they enjoyed their visit to Kentucky.

There is much more I need to post here, but will save it for the next time.  I hope it doesn't take me as long to blog as the last time though!  (Hint:  If you like pretty wedding photos, you will love my next blog entry!)  See you later!!