Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finish it up Week

Gettin' just a few things done! 
A table runner using a charm square pack of Authentic fabrics.  My new favorite "pattern" is the disappearing nine patch.  Here's a great tutorial  by Rachel Griffith that I've been using to make a few things.  It's super quick and easy and can be used many ways.    I'm not sure if this will stay here or be sent on to someone else!
The same method was used to put this little blankie together for the newest grandbaby.  I used some fat quarters from my stash, a bright yellow minkie backing and satin binding.  (I really dislike applying satin binding!  Any hints to make it easier are appreicated!)  Nothing fancy - but just a warm little blankie for a baby boy. Now to get it ready to mail.

I wasn't the only one finishing up projects.  B made this quilt for her MIL for Christmas last year (2008) but didn't get it back from the quilter until last spring.  With a new baby and working full time, finishing the binding on this big quilt was put on the back burner.  So she and the Peanut came over yesterday and with a little help from Grammie, we got it done. Even if she was being a little camera shy! It's a beautiful quilt and I'm sure MIL loves it.  I think she used Dandelion Girl fabrics. 
Two of my boys getting better acquainted!  Beamer used to hide every time the Peanut came to Grammie's but not any more.  He's still not sure how he feels about the competition but will put up with a few minutes of baby loving before he finds another spot to sleep.  One thing he does not like is when the Peanut cries. Luckily he's such a good baby that that doesn't happen too often! 

I've been finishing up a few other things plus starting several new projects.  I found the fabrics I was waiting for on Ebay and those purchases have arrived for another baby quilt.  Maybe some pics of that one next time.   My computer is making funny noises tonight so I'm getting nervous.  Hope you all have a great weekend and don't get the bad weather that they are predicting for some parts of the country. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reporting in for Blogging Duty!

But at least I've got blogging material from this past week.  I spent the better part of the week getting better acquainted with this little guy!  Since his daddy was traveling far away for several days, I went to Missouri to spend some time with little J and his mommy who's supposed to be taking it easy with this pregnancy.  I'm not sure that I was too much help, but I had fun anyway!

The remnants of the previous week's weather were still evident when I arrived.  The first day we were together, little J and I enjoyed the warm sun and finished cleaning the driveway.  Other than that, we mostly played with some of this many toys or watched Dora or Diego dvd's and when he napped, I worked on my knitting skills.  I have now come to the conclusion that I was never meant to be a knitter.  Because if I was, here is where I would post a photo of the cute hats that had been produced for little grandsons.  No photo:( 

On  Thursday, I was thrilled to be able to meet with a fellow blogger.  Sharon's blog, Red Geranium Cottage, is one of the first quilty type blogs that I began to follow.  She's always got cute projects to show plus funny stories and comments.  I wish I had half the sewing and quilty talent that she does! We met at Magpies in St. Charles for lunch.  J came along as my chaperone but only managed to charm Sharon, the waitresses and other guests.  Thanks Sharon!  It was nice to get to know you better and in person!

The weather was beautiful the day we went to St. Charles.  Even with the snow melting it was warm enough for little J to pose for a pic on one of the street benches.

Isn't technology amazing?  Someone really missed his Daddy, but with the help of Skype and a webcam, he still got to watch Dad make funny faces and show some of his China souveniers.  I'm sure the entire family is happy to be back together tonight!

Thanks for a great week!

Yesterday was our son-in-law's 30th birthday.  B surprised him with a party at one of his favorite places, Bluegrass Brewing Company.  About 25 of their friends and family helped him celebrate his step "over the hill" ! 

We were supposed to be babysitting, but the little peanut wanted to help celebrate - and also cheer on his favorite team!  We had a sleepover at Grampa and Grammie's house so his parents could enjoy the evening.  Luckily, he didn't seem to mind!

Go Colts!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First post of the new year - a week late

It's a good thing that I didn't make a new year's resolution to be a better blogger!  Because I would have failed with that one early!  As I logged on here this morning and saw that I still didn't have any posts in 2010 I decided I'd better get busy.  One problem - I don't have much to blog about. 

As with most of the country, we're experiencing some cold weather and a little snow.  Now if we still lived in Wisconsin, this would be just fine.  But in southern Indiana, it's not.  I took the photo above last week before it snowed and when we still had some sun.  But you can see that it was still pretty cold outside and even chilly inside. (Our house is not normally that cold! Unless it's windy and cold outside.)  I think we need to re-program the automatic thermostat but I remain optimistic that a normal winter will return!

The little Peanut came to Grammies three days this week.  All kinds of flu bugs have been flying around our neck of the woods.  Last week  Grampa and his mommy were battling colds or something, this week it's his other babysitter who's battling yucky things at her house.  Even Peanut had his first real cold but as you can see, he's back to his normal happy little self.  This impish little grin might be a clue as to the orneriness lurking in our future! 

Next week will be exciting.  I'm off to visit with our St. Louis family.  Or at least part of them.  Our son is on a business trip to China but DIL J and little J are home alone so I'm going to go spend some time with them.  Little J is at that age where he'd rather be around his mommy or daddy so it will be fun to get better acquainted with him.  He's growing up so fast and  learning all kinds of new words. Maybe by the end of my visit he'll be saying "Grammie"!  It won't be long until his new baby brother is here so there won't be many more times that I  get to spend some one on one time with him. 

I hope to have lots of new photos for the next post.  There might even be a meet up with a "famous" mystery blogger next week to report.  Stay tuned! 

I've been trying to re-acquaint myself with some crocheting and knitting skills.  Wish me luck with that! I have started a couple little quilted projects that might have to wait until I get home for completion.  I debating whether to sign up for the BOM at Among Friends (2010 looks really pretty though!) as I'm still about 5 months behind on the last BOM.   But it's nice to end up with a pretty finished quilt top in the end.

Thanks for stopping by!  And thanks for not giving up on this little blog!