Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Wedding in June

Yes there was a wedding in our family! Back in June we traveled up to Wisconsin for a wonderful weekend. 
 Our son and his pretty bride with his adorable little boys!  We took these photos in the bride's mother's beautiful garden while the professional photographer was also doing his job.  I hope they didn't mind, but sometimes it's nice to have some candid photos.  That's why it seems like everyone is looking off to the side in these!
 This has got to be my favorite photo of the day!  The littlest grandson was doing his best to stay awake during the long afternoon in the warm sun.  All the little ones did so good! They did get tired, and there was a  meltdown or two but overall, Grammie's biggest fears of grandsons running wild during the ceremony never happened.  (There was entertaining instance as the wedding party departed  the sanctuary, but we won't mention that one!)
 Another favorite of the day!  Our two girls!
 Ok.  So I've got lots of favorites! Love these guys!

 Nice to have a photo of the kids!

 Just swinging!
 The girls!  (We really need more girls in this family!! Hint!, Hint!)
 Parents of the groom.  And the groom!
 Another tired, but handsome,  little boy!
 The delicious wedding cake!  Note the cake topper.  It was originally used on my parents wedding cake back in 1950.  Again on my sister and bother-in-law's wedding cake in 1974.  Ours in 1975.  Our daughter and her husband's in 2006 and then last year our niece and her husband's cake in Oklahoma.  So the little bride and groom have been making the rounds!
 I have to admit that when I first saw these little outfits that had been chosen for the little ring bearers, I was a little skeptical.  (Sorry M and J!) But after I saw them on the boys and saw how proud they were to wear them, my opinion changed!  They were so cute and wearing the special "super hero" costumes, made them feel like a special part of the wedding.  So important when blending a new family!   And hence, another favorite photo of the day!

Here's a few more!

Congratulations to the happy couple!  We'll be over soon and expect a barbeque!