Monday, May 9, 2016

RVillage - North to Alaska

RVillage is an online group of RV owner's and travelers.  We joined this group when it first became active but haven't utilized it much until we began planning our Alaska Adventure. Smaller groups for similar interests are available.  "North to Alaska" is the one we are the most active in.  It has been interesting to read various tips and info that other travelers have shared. Several have already began the trip and have been sharing their experiences crossing the Canadian border and approaching the wildfires near Fort St. John.

One of the members designed a sign that was suggested that everyone who is traveling to Alaska this summer display so we could identify each other along the way. Because evidently with only a few roads headed North, you will likely see the same RV'rs at various stops along the way.  RVillage has the option for you to update your location along the way so others can find you too.  

So here's our sign!  D put the laser to use and decorated his fancy/smancy carrier for the back of the RV.  After all, we need a little extra room for "things" like our little Weber Q grill, leveling blocks, ladder, tools and more. Maybe even shoes, since we will be gone almost three months!  

Things are gradually being crossed off the list and our departure date is fast approaching!  

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Thimbleanna said...

Oh So Cool! I'll bet you guys are beside yourselves with excitement. You're living the dream life!!! ;-D Can't wait to follow along - I hope you find good internet access along the way!