Monday, June 16, 2008

More Photos Next Time - I Promise

I wasn't a very enthusiastic photographer this past weekend. Saturday morning, D worked on the deck for awhile. One day it will be completed. All that is left to do is the last few steps and enclose the sides of the stairs. However, we'll probably be short some of the material so another trip to the building supply store will be necessary. I promise there will be photos to show that we've finally completed something! Work has had D out of town off and on and now he's battling a sinus infection so the time devoted to home improvement projects has been compromised.

B, E and I will hosting a baby shower in MO for J and grandbaby #1. All the invitations are in the mail and we've been busy with "secret" plans! B was in charge of the invites. They turned out pretty cute! I promise lots of photos of the shower too! It will be time for it before you know it. Grandbaby #1 will be here before we know it too! We're ALL getting excited. Motorcycle rides for the past weekend included a trip up to Huber Farms for fresh picked strawberries. But D's sinuses began to feel better as we rode, so we ended up traveling several dozen extra miles. Next time I'll put on extra sunscreen just in case we add more miles to the trip! With on special plans for Father's Day (kids either working or out of town) we decided to travel up to French Lick and over to Jasper, IN. We had heard about a popular German restaurant there and thought it would make a nice stop for lunch on Father's Day. But, when we got there, they were closed on Sunday! Can you imagine a restaurant being closed on one of the most popular days for eating out! So we found a little deli type cafe and had sandwiches. No food photos, sorry. In fact the only photos I took on the trip were of Patoka Lake as we drove by. It was a pretty day for a drive though!
I'll leave you with a photo of one of my secret projects from a couple of weeks ago. It has been mailed off to its new home with the birthday niece. If she hasn't received it yet, well, I guess the surprise is spoiled :( I used the Mary Englebreit fabrics from Moda and the purse pattern is from Pink Sand Beach Design. This is the third bag I've made from this pattern, but I still don't have one for myself!
Have a good week everyone! Better photos next post, I promise!


Lucy said...

Those invitations are fun. And your bag -- that's incredible. You should open an Etsy store Janet. It looks fabulous.

Jessica said...

I saw the purse in person as the birthday girl received it and it was so cute! I hope you are having a good summer Aunt J!

sarah said...

okay. so i got on here to say thank you for the purse and now my sister has beaten me to it! :)

so cute. my friend, kimmy, was down and she is a quilter, too. she'd already purchased that pattern and was really happy to see what it looked like all put together.

thanks so much for the bag, the time you put into making it, and all of the fun things inside. next time i'll be more prompt on the thank yous!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love that Mary E. bag. It's sooooo cute. And those baby invites.....adorable!!!

Janet said...

Hey Sarah –
Sorry I didn’t see the comment of thanks last night. It must have come through after this old lady went to bed! Then this morning, you got buried amongst all the junk that filled my inbox overnight. (And all those other blog comments!! LOL)
Hope you enjoy the purse! It was fun to make but I hope your friend didn’t inspect it too closely!
Take care!

Sarah said...

haha! i was just worried i only dreamed about commenting. :)

Kathy said...

Hi Janet,
Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blog. I found it from reading Here's Lucy.
My Husband and I RV and now ride also. I am retired and hubby has four more years, so now we just have the weekends and vacation time to ride. We have a Goldwing .Thanks for sharing .

Janet said...

Hi Kathy and thanks for reading these ramblings that I post on the blog! Hope you are enjoying your weekend rides as much as we do. In fact we're off to St. Louis area later today, So hope to have something interesting to write about on Monday - stay tuned!

momma said...

love the baby invitations...maybe I will get to make some one of these days now?????
love the purse too!!!!