Monday, June 30, 2008

Treasures Unboxed!

Yea! Blogger likes me again! Has anyone else been having trouble down-loading photos? Anyway, here's a few of the treasures I found in the box that was labeled "baby clothes" ! Of course the one piece of baby clothing that I have been looking for was not in the box, but there were several pieces that brought back a lot of memories. Then there were a few that I don't know why I saved especially in the condition that they were. After close to twenty-five years in the box, every little stain has taken on a new life. No photos of the baby clothes. I'll let the kids have a chance to go through them and reminisce.

But what I did find were things I didn't even know I had. Chances are that they were stored with the baby clothes because we moved shortly after my MIL passed away and these were in her cedar chest. When I opened the box, the first thing I saw was this unique appliqued dish towel. In fact there was a whole set of seven - one for each day of course! Does anyone embroider pillowcases anymore? These are beautifully done. I'm not sure who made them, they might have been a wedding gift. There were also two other sets, complete with matching sheets.
How about a set 0f crocheted potholders? Cute but not very functional. In the right kitchen, these would be adorable. I'm thinking there might be a way to frame them but still, I don't know where I would display them.
This was the most interesting piece of handwork in the box. A tablecloth, card table sized, with each corner embroidered with square dancers and a square dance "call". Maybe my FIL or SIL can confirm that they used to do some square dancing "back in the day". It's an unusual item and one along with several of the others that I'll have to find a place to store for future generations to discover one day!

This was a big box, big enough to even get a few toys stashed in amongst the linens and baby clothes. The Fisher-Price Barn is well worn. I think just about every kid of the seventies and eighties had one of these. I don't have any idea where the animals are! The train was supposed to ride the rail of the crib and play a tune. I don't think it will fit the crib that J & J got for grandbaby #1 though. Then there was Uncle Timmy Turtle! He was one of my toys, so you know he's probably classified as an antique now! He's in really pretty good shape for an old guy, just lacking the string.

Beamer couldn't believe all this was in the box. There's nothing like an empty box to fascinate a curious cat.
You didn't think I'd do a whole blog entry and not mention a motorcycle ride did you? We didn't venture too far from home this weekend. A short ride over to a nearby state park scared up this deer and her two babies. She stood in the road quite a while, probably to let her little ones escape then hopped safely out of our way.
Hope you enjoyed my treasure hunt! I'm off to Missouri later this week - baby shower time again - but hope to get a post in before then. Have a great week!


Sarah said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the square-dancing table cloth. i've never seen anything like that before.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,

Dad says that he and Donna belonged to a Square Dance Club for several years. While he doesn't remember the table cloth he does remember that she had lots of those kinds of things in the cedar chest.


Lucy said...

Wow you have some great treasures Janet. I long wish I had kept nd my old Barbie doll. I did keep some of my son's toys - I'm keeping them til the day he can truly appreciate them.

You may enjoy this website She helps others preserve memories thru old clothing. I'm going to tackle the Teddy Bears myself (god help me) using my mom's old clothes. But you have some things that would look fabulous framed. Just ideas.

JD said...

I am anxiously awaiting a blog post before you head here!