Friday, June 27, 2008

A June Day in the Life....

It's hard to believe that June is almost gone! This summer will be over before we know it. I meant to make a patriotic door decor but think I'll have to let this one go the rest of the summer. The girls and I have been finishing up baby shower plans. Can't say much more than that but we are looking forward to seeing everyone next week! Everything is under control but if anyone has any cute ideas for games - please let me know. I'm not a big fan of shower games, but if we find something exceptional - you never know! I meant to post this photo last week, but the MO trip took over my blogger photo stash! This is our newest book club member - Susie. Isn't she adorable! She wanted to entertain us with her tennis ball juggling skills, but her mommy insisted she sit quietly and practice her social skills instead! As anyone else seen these funny purple boxes hanging in the trees? We've been noticing these as we are riding the motorcycle and we're usually past them before I can get a photo. But this week I noticed one in a tree on the road near our house. It doesn't take much Googling to come up with the purpose of them. They are not outerspace alien observation stations as some have suggested but traps for the Emerald Ash Borer which have been causing a lot of tree damage in the Midwest. You can read about them here on the Purdue Extension Dept site.
I was going to post a photo of some of my quilting projects here - but since most everything is either a possible gift or just a secret project, I guess I'd better wait. So even though there's nothing quilty here, I am actually working on some things! In fact, I'll be delivering one project to the LAQ this evening. Can't wait to get it back! I promise a pic of that - but not until August! Notice the Cupcake Swap on the sidebar? I've signed up for this over at Sharon's blog and it's the first time I've ever done anything like this but it does sound fun. It's going to be fun to watch for (or make) something cutely cupcake related to pass on to another blogger. I think she's closed this swap by now but check her blog out anyway, always fun times there!

This is what D worked on this week (in addition to the deck!). He's changed the muffler's on the Harley. I don't know enough about them to tell you what he did but it does sound different! I don't think it's too annoying yet, but definitely louder. Maybe that van driver will hear us next time we pass him!

Thanks for reading my ramblings this morning. Now I'm off to visit Kim, the awesome nail tech, for a pedicure! (Love a good pedicure!) Then I'll stop by the gym for Pilates class. Our instructor is starting pharmacy school soon, so I'll have to get used to a new one :( Then, hope to have dinner out over in Louisville tonight. I know, I have a rough day ahead of me !!


Happy Camper Quilts said...

I'm glad you both made it home safely from your trip. There really isn't much in central Illinois. I am from very close to St. Louis. My family still lives in the area near Scott AFB,IL. That's were I met my sweetie. I hope you didn't inflict any permanent hearing damage to your hubby, other than the typical male selective hearing--LOL!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Hi, Janet. Looking forward to swapping cupcakes with you. I'm working on something now, but it's a secret. Have a great Sunday evening. --Susan