Monday, June 9, 2008

Spring was Here!

I think spring came and went too fast! But Mama Robin had time to build a nest in my lilac tree in my front yard. I heard some chirping so stuck my camera in the branches and snapped this photo of her babies. Hope she doesn't mind! On the road in Southern Indiana again. We were off on the Harley towards Evansville, following some of the back roads. Even though it was not very sunny, it was very warm - okay, it was hot! It doesn't seem like it was very long ago that we were bundling up in our layers of long-johns, sweatshirts and leather coats to go for a weekend ride. Sunscreen and extra water breaks were our friends this time! We like the tree-lined highways much more than the interstates. Plus we can find a few interesting stops along the way. For me, the highlight of the day was this stop at The Village Mercantile in Boonville, Indiana. This is a quilt shop with a wonderful inventory of fabrics, patterns, notions and just about anything quilty you could imagine! Displayed so nicely too. Of course, I made a few purchases! I need to get to work to some of these purchases I've been collecting.

In Evansville we stopped at Bud's Harley Davidson. We were able to find the new carbon Kevlar half helmets we'd been looking for. Much lighter than our other ones, they fit better and the wind doesn't bother our necks near as much. After a late lunch at Culver's (will someone please tell them to build a Culver's in Clark or Floyd County Indiana!) we headed back on more back roads, past Santa Claus, Possum Junction and this general store on highway 62. I think they've got big plans for this tomato plant. The tomato cage was at least 7 foot tall!

A Saturday night phone call from some friends and we were off on Sunday morning for breakfast at the Story Inn again. The hot trip on Saturday must not have been too hard on us because we were ready to go bright and early, hoping to avoid the worst of the 90 degree temps we've been having. But we ended up spending most of the day up in the Brown County area. Maybe you've heard about some of the flooding going on in Indiana. Luckily all of the roads that we traveled were still dry, but we did get a first hand look at some of the water covering the farm fields. There are so many folks facing weather challenges right now, our hearts go out to them. As I type this, they are showing video on television of homes falling into the Wisconsin River! Makes us feel very thankful!

Hope your week is good. I'll be back again soon!

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JD said...

OH take a bike trip to come see us! That would be so cool! Love the quilt shop pix, it looks so fun! Kind of reminded me of Mainstreet Merchantile. Oh memories.