Sunday, November 4, 2007

Football, Food and Fair weather !

We are not huge sports fans but we do enjoy following a couple of NFL football teams. As I sit here trying to come up with a blog post for this week, I am trying to watch the Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriot game. So excuse me if I get side tracked while watching Peyton and the guys. We've been Green Bay Packer/Brett Favre fans since our days in Wisconsin and we are always glad to see them on a winning streak for old times sake. Someday maybe we'll be able to see one of these teams play in person.

Saturday was another gorgeous fall day so, of course, we got out on the motorcycle again. C & G joined us on a scenic route up to Madison, Indiana. We took a few back roads and enjoyed the fall colors along the way. I think they are probably at peak now but I didn't get any photos that really do them justice. Madison is a beautiful Ohio River town with a bustling downtown business district and many restored 19th century homes and buildings. It is famous for the Madison Regatta boat races that are held every summer and they also have a wonderful art fair in the early fall, the Madison Chautauqua. Once we got to Madison we stopped for what we thought would be a quick lunch at a historic tavern. Unfortunately the waitress had not been trained very well (if at all) so our service was questionable but the food was pretty good. The guys headed up to the Yamaha dealership to get a new visor for my helmet while G and I browsed the shops on Main Street. She and I have a lot of the same tastes when it comes to shopping the cute little gift shops. It's a good thing we were on motorcycles or the damages could have been much worse! We also stopped at Margies Country Store which is also a quilt shop. Lots of neat stuff there in what at one time was a butcher shop. Our midafternoon snack was ice cream at Mundt's Candy Shop. Yummy:) (Some of these websites are not loading for me tonight, so I hope if you try them later they will work. If not, here is another link for reviews and photos of Mundt's. The old soda fountain is really neat.)

We hope there are more nice weekends like this as we are not ready to put the bike to bed for the winter. One thing we have enjoyed since moving to this part of the country is that the winters have not been unbearably cold and snowy and it is possible to get nice days even in January. Days like yesterday where the air has that fall scent ( kind of like a mixture of tart apples and burning leaves, if that makes sense!) are a blessing, especially when they come on the weekend!

Today was a little too windy to get out and ride and Dennis is still recovering from a cold so we didn't do much. I was in a cooking mood again and made a pumpkin pie and a pan of lasagna. There will be leftovers of that for a while! Now the football game is over and the Colts lost their first game. Oh well, guess it's time to have a piece of pumpkin pie!

Come join us for dessert!


joeks said...

You guys find some Great places to stop at. (Note to self--include a visit to Mundt's if we ever get to Indiana!)

Janet said...

Hey cuz - You've got an open invitation to visit Indiana anytime. We'll make sure you get to Mundt's !!

sarah said...

i was very sad the colts lost. someone needs to stop the insanity that is tom brady.