Sunday, November 18, 2007

A November weekend

I don't have much to write about this weekend. We did manage a short motorcycle ride this afternoon. It was pretty chilly but the sun did come out for a while so we enjoyed the last of the fall colors as we drove up through some of the Knobs area. There are some scenic roads with colorful names like Honey Run, Whiskey Run and Daisy Hill Rd. Some of the farms have pretty new homes or well kept older farm houses but there was a fair share of shabby mobile homes with scary dogs and old cars in the driveways. We just kept riding until we finally found a road we were familiar with and headed home. My legs were beginning to get numb and it took me the rest of the day to finally warm up. Of course Dennis claimed he was just beginning to feel the chill! He's still riding the motorcycle to work on the mornings that aren't frosty so I guess he's building up his tolerance for cold!

We started out the day by winterizing the camper. It wasn't too hard, since we never even got it out this summer. We had every intention of going camping but we couldn't figure out a way to pull the motorcycle trailer and the camper at the same time with the truck that we have. Some states do allow you to double pull, but we didn't feel comfortable doing that. So we are thinking of selling this camper or trading it in on a toy hauler 5th wheel or a motor home. Right now we're leaning toward a toy hauler but haven't decided on anything yet. We'll probably wait and look at some of the RV shows early next year to see what is available.

Here's a better photo of little Leo. B brought him over last night to meet Beamer. Poor Leo wanted to play, but of course Beamer is not always very sociable to other animal guests. I think he might learn to tolerate Leo as long as he is still this size. They'll just have to come visit more often. Thanksgiving may be very interesting! E will be here lateTuesday but she's not bringing Decibel this time. It will be nice to have her home for a few days! I'm sure this will be a weekend of food and shopping. J & J are going to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving with her family. We'll miss them but holidays are all about sharing with the in-laws !
Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving week. If you are traveling, please be safe. If you are cooking, please don't burn the turkey! And if you are eating - go ahead and have the pie!

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JD said...

Hey hope you have a great thanksgiving, but holidays are for sharing with family (cuz in-laws makes it sound so distant :) ...). We look forward to seeing you over Christmas!! And the bike!