Sunday, November 25, 2007

All That Remains....

Thanksgiving is over. The turkey is gone (except maybe enough for one sandwich), the table leaves are stored, the dishes all washed and the bedding is waiting to go in the laundry. You can see some of the remains of Thanksgiving 2007 here with these photos.We didn't have a huge dinner but there was certainly enough food to go around. N's mother joined us since her husband and other family were out of town and E made it in from Chicago area late Tuesday night. It was great to have her home again for a few days. We missed having J & J but know we'll all be together for Christmas (one month from today !!!).
Of course we had dessert! B made an excellent new creamy pumpkin pie that was a keeper and I made a streusel topped pumpkin pie with a cheesecake layer. It was good, but I think plain old pumpkin would have been better and much less work!

Of course we convinced E to take a short ride on Dad's new Harley! I'm not sure if she enjoyed the cold ride. Her comment was that she's too much of a control freak to ride along - guess that means we'll just have to get her to learn to ride her own! (Just joking E, I know it takes getting used to and even then, not for everyone)Late Friday morning, E and I braved the crowds and the traffic and headed to the malls. We missed the crazy early birds (on purpose!) and didn't have any parking or traffic problems. Usually we find all kinds of interesting things when we're off shopping together, but this time we only came home with a candle and eye-shadow! (No shoes, not that we didn't try!) The highlight of Friday evening was the arrival of my aunt and uncle from Ohio. It was great to see them again and spend some time catching up. We reminisced late into the evening as Uncle L went through a box of keepsakes we'd brought back from Kansas. On Saturday we did a short driving tour of downtown Louisville and the Churchill Downs area. They even rode along as Dennis had to make a stop at Bluegrass Harley Davidson to pick up some missing parts for his helmet microphone. The girls joined us from their marathon day of shopping for lunch at the Irish Rover. This is another one of our favorite restaurants in Louisville and we have taken just about everyone who has visited us there. L & S made an early start home so they would get home in time to see the KU-Missouri football game but S had to give Beamer one last goodbye kiss:)
Then she had to take her turn on the Harley. Dennis is so proud to show off his new toy! We've promised that one of our first overnight rides will be up to visit them in Ohio. It will have to warm up first! It will probably be next spring before we're ready for a trip like that. Thanks for visiting Uncle L and Aunt S! Come back again!
Our weekend continued with dinner out Saturday night with B & E. N had to work so he missed a great meal at Mojitos. I can't find their website but they are owned by the same folks that have Havana Rumba but Mojitos is a tapas bar. We ordered about 8 different tapas plates and I guess I enjoyed the meal (and my mojito!) so much I forgot to take any photos. I'm sure we'll be back again soon so I'll try to get one then. It seems that eating out is a family entertainment!
Hope you all had as nice of weekend as we did!


Rhonda and Allyn said...

Janet, I enjoyed very much reading about your nice Thanksgiving day!! What a wonderful time you must have had and reading about it made me hungry again! I gotta get back on my diet again....

For news on my bike story, take a look at my blog. I have rethought how I'm going to do this thing, lol.

Oh....could you have any insight as to why I cannot put a link into my posts in my blog? When I do it just shows up with nothing where the link is suppose to be. Wonder what in the world?

Take care and I love reading your blog!

Janet said...

I know what you're saying about diets. I feel pretty guilty about enjoying all the "goodies". I try to "be good" during the week so I can splurge a little on weekends. Sometimes (like today) it takes awhile to get back on the "good" wagon!

As far as the link thing goes, it took me awhile to figure it out. But when in compose mode, once I type the name of the restaurant or whatever website I want to link to, I just highlight the name then click on the link icon. Then type or paste the web address in the window that pops up. Maybe if you are doing everything right but still doesn't work, you could email blogger with a question. I bought the book "Blogging for Dummies" which helped somewhat.

Good Luck

sarah said...

looks like yall had fun! lovin' the pictures.