Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Holidays Are Coming

Here it is only December 2 and it seems like we are one of the last in our neighborhood to finally put up Christmas lights and decorations. For some reason, I've had trouble getting motivated this year but once I start it does get a little easier. So this week I worked on the tree. I am so thankful for pre-lit trees! Stringing the lights in the tree has always been one of my least favorite parts of the holidays and it seems like the one thing that no one ever wanted to help with!
Our tree has pretty much looked the same the last few years with lots of gold, red and bright (almost lime) green. This year I've added a little bit of bronze accent since that is getting more popular. I think it looks pretty good! Beamer does too as he has adopted the new tree skirt as his bed. There are not presents under this tree yet! I've got a long way to go in that respect.
Of course we waited until it was too cold to ride the motorcycle to put up outside lights! Dennis managed to climb on the roof without falling ! I guess those old builder's genes kicked in:) K - check out the stocking cap! We made a trip to the Bass Pro Shop and found this interesting pheasant Christmas tree. I've seen ornaments made from pheasant feathers, but never whole pheasants adorning a tree! Of course this goes right along with the entire taxidermy theme of the huge store. If you are ever in the Southern Indiana area, be sure to stop and browse this store. It was designed to fit in the huge space vacated by a local mall. When we first moved here there was a Dillards, several small shops, a large movie theater, food court and carousel in this building. Even if you're not into hunting, fishing etc, it is still fun to look at all their displays. Dennis has been shopping for insulated pants for winter riding and we found some here by Carhartt. He's determined to ride the motorcycle to work as long as he can if it's not raining or snowing! Saturday night we attended Dennis' employer's annual Christmas party. Please accept our apologies for these less than flattering pictures! This year it was held at a local Holiday Inn. The girls who put this together did a nice job and they always make sure that everyone comes away with a door prize. They also had a karaoke contest which I can assure you that we did not take part in! But it was entertaining and the two ladies who won could've held their own at America's Got Talent!

I could have told you all that I dyed my hair and had a total body makeover this week, but most of you all know me much better than that! This is one of Dennis' co-workers, friend and party organizer, Pam. (He looks a little embarrassed doesn't he?) Another co-worker was actually helping clear tables - or was he?? I hope you all enjoy this holiday season safely. Now back to working more home decor! I hope to get most of it done today and tomorrow so I can concentrate on finishing my shopping and doing a little baking and sewing. Until next post!


sarah said...

looks very pretty! my tree is getting ready to go up, too. just have to finish dusting and sweeping up all of the lucy hair embedded in the carpet!

sarah said...

oh! and happy birthday. :) hope you had a nice one.

Janet said...

Thank you Sarah ! You've made your old aunt's day complete!

Jessica said...

Your house looks beautiful Aunt Janet! Happy (late) Birthday!

Janet said...

Hey Jessica ! Thank you too! Your mama raised you right:)