Sunday, November 11, 2007

All Dressed Up and No Where to Go

It had to happen sooner or later. This was the first weekend since we got the motorcycle that the weather didn't cooperate so we could take a nice ride. We'd made plans with D & B, but as soon as we got ready and stopped at their house, it began to rain. Granted it was just a light rain, but with temps in the low 50's it just didn't look like a good idea to take off on the hilly roads of the Knobs.
The highlights of the weekend included a little jacket shopping and breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Friday was vacuuming day and Beamer enjoyed some help with his grooming routine. Maybe if I did this every day, we'd have less cat fur floating around the house!
Friday night as usual is dinner out for us so we drove over to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, La Rosita Grill in New Albany. The food is probably as authentic as you will find in this area. Last spring, E's friend from Mexico was thrilled to find that they served some of her favorites from home. They have quite a variety on their menu but I ordered my old stand by, a chimichanga. The old store front building is certainly not fancy, but we've always enjoyed our meals there and there's usually plenty left for lunch the next day. More football this weekend too. I watched KU beat Oklahoma last night, the Packers cream Minneapolis this afternoon and now painfully watching the Colts and Chargers. Hope Peyton can pull it together! Mostly I've been working on the Christmas quilt and almost have all the package blocks machine appliqued. I will be glad when I can start piecing it all together and find someone to machine quilt it for me. At least my machine applique skills are improving!
I'm counting down the days til Thanksgiving! Can't wait to have family home for a few days. Hmm- maybe I should start planning what to serve for dinner.
Have a good week!
(PS - something exciting might be coming - there's a clue here somewhere!)


sarah said...

that is a massive chimichanga!

p.s. you watched KU beat oklahoma STATE. even in their horrible defeat (of which i would normally be sad-but ROCK CHALK), please please please don't confuse your favorite neice's alma mater with the evilness and obnoxiousness that is ou. it hurts my heart, aunt j.

also, the picture of your jacket freaks me out a little because it kind of looks like the back of my mom's head. looks good though. maybe i should get her a matching one for christmas!

Janet said...

So sorry Sarah to be so vague in the blog - because I knew it was Oklahoma State - just was too lazy to proof read I guess! Please accept my apology - maybe you would like some leftover chimichanga to make up for it?

I'm sure there are many sad Colts fans this morning. Poor Peyton almost pulled a win out of that tragedy in San Deigo only to have the kicker miss a winning field goal. Perhaps if he'd thrown one less interception too. There is plenty of guilt to go around. It's only a game.

sarah said...

football is only a game? hmm.

who knew?! :)

GO TONY ROMO!!!!!!!!!!

Rhonda and Allyn said...

Janet, I LOVE your new Jacket!! You just wait, soon, almost everything you wear to ride in will have Harley-Davidson on it, lol! Actually come to think of it though, my first leather jacket was a no name we got at a very nice leather store at Myrtle Beach called Jammin' Leather. The first leather HD jacket I bought was just a year ago (they are very pricey as you know). So I'm really proud of mine. I have HD everything else, shirts, etc. Welcome to the fold my sister, lol!!! Hey....we gotta meet up in good riding weather one day maybe this spring or summer!!!!

I LOVE Mexican Food!!!! That pic made my mouth water. We have a very good one near here in Whiteville, NC too.