Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Off the Beaten Path

Motorcyle riding weather is back!  In fact it was back last weekend for us.  Even though I had to wear my "cuddle duds" and  make sure my seat heater was working, we enjoyed a jaunt  into the country. Destination - some truly off the beaten path locations. 
I had read on Jacqui's blog about New Frankfort Mercantile Quilt Shop.  A cute shop in the middle of no where.  Lots of pretty antique quilt and sewing machine displays and a nice selection of fabrics in a unique old house.  I think this is a pretty new business so it will be interesting to see how things evolve and worth a stop again when the flowers are blooming. 

On down the road a ways is Lurton's Home Cooking Cafe in Commiskey, Indiana.  I'm not sure what this building was originally, but it's certainly got character going for it.  Evidently they have an Elvis impersonator that performs occasionally and  Elvis memorabilia is everywhere. Next trip we'll have to take our friend G along as she is a big fan of the "king"!   
You can tell they don't go out of their way for fancy furnishings!  The menu is a chalkboard on the wall and the kitchen is just a corner of the large room.  But what they lack on style, they make up for in food!  And don't be looking for any lo-calorie dishes here either.  They serve good old home-cooked, stick to your ribs type meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

This was hubby's meatloaf dinner ($4.75 I think, including cole slaw)!

My hot roast beef open face sandwich ($4.00)!  I told you this isn't diet food!
And look at these pies!  And yes, a piece of the coconut went home with us for an evening snack.  Yummy!

Okay.  Are you ready to take your own trip off the beaten path in Indiana!  Finding places like these are what's fun about taking the Harley out on a cool, spring day.  Oh, the places we can find!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I just can't imgaine taking a piece of that pie home in a car, let alone a motorcycle.

Have a great Easter!

Thimbleanna said...

You have butt warmers on the Harley???? Sign me and my cuddle duds up! (My co-workers were laughing at me yesterday 'cause I was still wearing my cuddle duds. Hey -- it's going to get cold again -- and I'll be ready LOL!) Looks like you had a great trip!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Those pies are amazing. I can just taste a big old slice of coconut cream pie right now.

Cheryl said... I'm hungry. Very yummy pictures!