Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What a Week!

This has certainly been an amazing week! It started off with the arrival of daughter E, then J, J and little J for a nice 4th of July weekend. Our activities ranged from a visit to the Louisville zoo, a trip to Mike Lennings for a fun, traditional fish fry, Huber Farms for wine tasting and lunch and of course a traditional holiday barbeque. It was wonderful to have the entire family here and so fun to see how little J is growing and playing, but the whole weekend we were all hoping we would be able to welcome our newest member. Of course, nature has a way of creating her own schedule!

We assumed last Monday would be the big day, but even with some gentle coaxing and patience, little D took his time making his arrival. Finally, his mama and doctor had enough of his stubborn-ness and a c-section brought him into this world on Tuesday night. Mama B and baby are doing fine (as is his daddy !) and they hope to return home tomorrow. Thank you for all of the congratulatory comments and emails and also the prayers for his safe arrival!

I must brag a little about what cute babies our children have produced! You know I'm not prejudiced at all! They grow so quickly though. Little J practiced his standing skills on our deck last weekend and I think that was his favorite place at Grammie's house. It's hard to believe he'll soon be a year old!

Our new kitchen counters made their arrival too. I was beginning to wonder if the new grandbaby would win the race and he did , but just barely! We got home from welcoming him at the hospital at around midnight Tues. and installation on the tops began at 7:30 the next morning. So far, I love them! This photo was taken before the faucets were installed but you can see how nice and shiney they are. Now if we can just avoid stacking the mail and other junk on them and cluttering them up! Next step will be finding some tile for the wall behind the range. It's coming together!


deb said...

awwwww....just adorable!!

I LOVE the kitchen counters!!!!!!
what an exciting time you have had!!!

Lori said...

Beautiful kitchen and adorable grandkids, but yours can't be the cutest because mine are! lol

Michelle said...

Your babies are beautiful, and I LOVE how your kitchen is coming along! You must just be SO excited! I would be!
be blessed,

Jill said...

Congrats on the new baby! So cute! Looking forward to adding ours to the family in just a few weeks!