Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dinner's Ready

There must be something about all the rain we're getting that has made me want to spend time in the kitchen. Cooking, that is. The remodeling is on hiatus again. Waiting on the tile guy mainly, but also the carpenter, aka husband. I was hoping to be further along by the time our house guests arrive next week, but I've been cooking instead.

Ever since I discovered Pioneer Woman's new addition to her site, Tasty Kitchen, I've been loving all the new and the not so new recipes that users (like me) have submitted. Tonight I made Chicken Cakes. Based on the idea of crab cakes, only made with chopped cooked chicken, they were very "tasty"! We decided this recipe is a "keeper" !
Another recipe from Tasty Kitchen that I tried this week was Pineapple Crisp Cake. If you are looking for a low calorie dessert, this might be close. I think this is a variation of a WW recipe made with cake mix, Splenda, pineapple and diet 7-up. It is very sweet and good with a spoonful of cool whip (ice cream might be good too). Mine didn't turn out very pretty (and the photo doesn't do it any favors) but it made a lot and was really quite good.
Here's a summer favorite, and I didn't even need to consult a pretty website to come up with a recipe. All you really need are some really, really, really good homegrown tomatoes. Which I don't have access too - so if anyone would like to deliver some to my doorstep......! We made a stop at Whole Foods the other day, found fresh mozzarella (essential) and tomatoes. I do have some basil growing in a pot out back. Arrange these ingredients on a pretty plate, then drizzle with good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with fresh ground pepper and sea salt. Yum!

And of course - more sweets! Little Peanut is a good sleeper, even in the middle of Panera!

But he was awake for his visit with Grammie and Grampa this afternoon!

Hope you are keeping dry where you are! It's still raining here tonight and we're getting ready to be witness to meteorological history tomorrow when the month of July passes by without a 90 degree high all month! No complaints from me, but I feel sorry for those of you up in the northwestern states with the record highs. We're looking forward to a visit from my sister and niece from Oklahoma next week. They'll probably think they're vacationing in the mountains if our weather holds!

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