Sunday, July 26, 2009

Can You See the Forest for the Trees?

The Bernheim Forest is located about 25 miles south of Louisville, KY. We've done the touristy tours of the distilleries in the area, so we've driven by several times, but haven't stopped since our very first visit eight years ago shortly after we moved here. We decided to drive down there this afternoon since it was such a pretty day. We're still experimenting with the new camera and I think we need to re-register for the digital photography class we missed a couple of weeks ago. But here's a few of the pics from today anyway.

Berheim Forest was a gift to the people of Kentucky from Mr. Isaac Bernheim. He made his way from a peddler to a successful businessman in the bourbon industry. In graditude for his good fortune, he gifted some 14,000 acres to be forever maintained as a park and arboretum. There are some beautiful areas to the park, many of which we didn't take the time to stop and see. But we did get off the motorcycles long enough to do one short hike and take a few pics. There were lots of folks walking the many trails and several also on bicycles, probably the best way to take advantage of this pretty park. We also saw many families with picnic lunches and lawn blankets, enjoying the gorgeous Sunday afternoon.
This is the visitor center, a really interesting building with a little snack bar, gift shop and educational displays. It is new since we were here in 2001. I believe there are some other areas which can be rented for weddings, meetings and family gatherings.

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday too!

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

What beautiful photos!! I love every one of them. Love your banner too.