Sunday, May 31, 2009

Progress in the Kitchen

Another weekend of kitchen demolition and re-construction! This time, D had the help of our son who provided some much needed muscle and also his math skills to double check those measurements! For the better part of the day on Saturday, I was without a sink, dishwasher and counter. But by the end of the day, it was pretty much all back in place, even if we do have to use the old sink and Formica top for a few more weeks. Sloooooowly, it's taking shape! Hopefully by next week, we'll be ready for the measurements for the quartz tops to be taken so we can get them ordered. I still need to find a kitchen faucet, tile and lighting. While all this was taking place at my house, I was over at our daughter's house helping her with a garage sale. Now I'm not a fan of garage sales. I know some people can't pass them up and know how to find some treasures, but it's just not my cup of tea. I have held a few over the years and every time I do, I wonder why I bothered since it is almost more profitable just to take the stuff to Goodwill or somewhere and write it off as a donation. But it is kind of fun, especially when it is a neighborhood event like this one was. I was able to help her out, got rid of a few things ourselves, and spend some time with B and J and little J (who were here with our son, J. Confusing isn't it!) The weather was finally turned beautiful here. This weekend was gorgeous. After boxing up the last of the leftover rummage, I enjoyed the rest of the day and played with my grandson. He loves to sit in the grass and be outside. Of course he was wearing his new Harley shirt, so I had to get a photo with the little cutie! We've been lucky to see him pretty often for the last couple of months but I swear, he changes so much each time!


Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- what a cute picture of grandma with her baby! Like you, I'm not a garage sale fan. I spent hours and hours once pricing everything and it just seemed like much more work than it was worth!

JD said...

That is a really cute picture of you two! So glad he finally smiled for the camera! Great seeing everyone and the kitchen in disarray (because that never happens)! See you in another month!

Lori said...

What a great picture of grandma and grandson! Those are the precious moments.
I love the seeiogn the kitchen project. Before long it will be done and you can just sit in teh middle of the floor and take it all in.

joeks said...

I think this grandmother business suits you fabulously!
Nice that J could help D with some of the kitchen work.