Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Baby Shower Brigade (Post # 200 !!!)

The baby shower brigade arrived at my house Friday afternoon. After a little last minute favor and decoration assembly, things were ready for the party. Yes, there was Starbucks involved and please don't say anything about my wimpy fig tree in the corner.
E brought cookies from Deerfields near Chicago. They were decorated with adorable little elephants in blue and orange and placed in little bags with some circus peanut candy. Hostesses for the shower were the future aunts Ali, Erin and Jen (who unfortunately was not able to come to due work commitments) and the restaurant was Adrienne and Co. Bakery and Cafe. They served a wonderful "light" lunch of sandwiches, veggies and fruit and also made the cake(see below!) Here's the expectant mommy checking out the gift table and the jungle tree decorated with baby items. Some of the ladies enjoying their lunch and games.
Of course what's a baby boy shower without a Harley Davidson onsie! Bet you can't guess who that was from!
Here's the cake! Of course it was just as yummy as it was cute. Note the circus peanuts on the sides of the cake too. Adrienne did B and N's wedding cake so it was only appropriate that she bake the baby shower cake.
The mommy-to-be surrounded by gifts and diapers. She received soooo many nice things and I don't think they'll have it all stowed away very soon.Family members in attendence were left to right, Grandma Mary, Mommy to be, Aunt E, Me, Aunt Ali, an Great Grandma Pat.

My favorite photo of the day, my girls!

And we couldn't leave out the Daddy of the NFL player-to-be! I'm sure by next fall, the little guy will be wearing this little warm up suit every Sunday!

It's been a wonderful, busy weekend and I've got more to share, but it's getting late so I'll get more posted tomorrow night.

And hard to believe but this is my 200 th post! I should do some type of give-away to celebrate but unfortunately, I'm too tired to think about that right now. Maybe I'll surprise you with a random drawing in the next few weeks. Send me a comment and that just might help me decide what to do!

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Sarah said...

thanks for posting pics! i'm still bummed i couldn't come out for it . . . stupid texas schools making us go until june. bleh. it looks like yall had a wonderful time, though. can't wait to see this kid! :)

JD said...

great pictures! the party looked amazing, I hope all knew that I was there in spirit (instead of in my boring office!). The cake was cute. good job ali and erin.

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you had a fun baby shower. Love the circus theme. Now, bring on the baby??? ;-)

joeks said...

Sounds like a fun shower!

200 already? You flew right past me. I'm not even to 150 yet. I suppose if I'd actually post more, instead of just reading and commenting.....