Monday, December 15, 2008

Feliz Navidad!

What would the holidays be without a lively Christmas party?! Our hostess for the evening shared a little of her native Cuban hospitality and had outdone herself with the decorations, food and even entertainment! After enjoying an array of delicious appetizers, some tasty Cuban dishes and yummy desserts we were treated to a performance by a flamenco dancer.

I'm sorry I never did hear the name of this young woman but half the fun of watching her was watching her facial expressions and her beautiful arm movements.

We all moved to the basement where she "attempted" to give us a basic lesson in flamenco dancing!
We were also entertained by this young man. He even tried to teach some salsa dancing! Unfortunately or fortunately! another glass of sangria (or more!) would have been necessary before you would have found me or D out on the dance floor. We're not the party animals that we may seem to be ! LOL! But it was fun to watch the other guests enjoying themselves though!
A fun evening was enjoyed by all the guests, even the youngest. This adorable little gal donned her jammies to watch the dancers. (Why is it that this stance is acceptable for a one year old, but not a the rest of us?)
Thanks for a sharing this wonderful evening, M & R ! Ole' !!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Oh, what a little cutie enjoying the festivities in her jammies! This reminds me of Christmas in Puerto Rico, we lived there a while back, it was so much fun!

Cheryl said...

What a fun looking the picture of the 1 year old standing there!!!! Funny. And your little sweet grandbaby, so darn cute! That was a great picture in your previous post.