Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nine days, Two Hundred Sixty One Photos and Twenty Two Hundred Miles!

Yes, we are home! We survived our longest motorcycle trip ever - a total of 2200 miles and 261 photos in nine days. Where do I begin? There's probably too much to post at one time so today it will just have to be the highlights.

We loaded up and headed out with camera in hand (can you find the reflection in the mirror?) and GPS's (yes both of them) programmed for the road. Our 105th anniversary Ultra Classic Harley came equipped with a GPS that would guide us wherever we want to go - even the nearest H-D dealership. Provided that dealership hasn't moved within the last year! The first few miles were wet and misty but the skies gradually cleared and we made it to our first stop in Hendersonville, NC with plenty of daylight left. Our second day on the road was great. The weather was much better and we made it to our destination of Myrtle Beach with no problems! Yes, we were there for Bike Week at Myrtle Beach! We found out later that the main action began about the time we left but we found plenty to look at. Lots and lots of motorcycles and every kind of motorcycle accessory you could imagine.

We met up with some friends from Canada. We enjoyed browsing all the booths and cruising the streets with them for a couple of days. The gals were riders too and I think D was afraid I would get the bug to want my own motorcycle. Kind of like when I used to watch him trapshoot then he got me my own gun and I started out-shooting him! No chance of that this time but I do admire those women who can ride - not just ride along like me!

The boys admiring the toys!

The girls enjoyed some shopping !
With our travel tested two wheels!

Just a taste of the crowds of motorcycles parked in the lots around the vendor booths - and this was the early part of Bike Week! It seems like most of the bikes were Harleys - probably because this was originally started as a Harley - Davidson event. Though we saw lots of different makes and styles of motorcycles. Lots of "choppers" and many "trikes" .

Here's Linda trying out a "trike". Lookin' good! There were many custom motorcycle companies displaying their most unusual creations. This one was kind of cute!

How about a Louis Vuitton leather seat for your motorcycle!Someone had to buy chaps!

We stayed at the Landmark Resort at Myrtle Beach. Many attempts have been made to remodel and update this hotel. But it's still kind of "tired".

Check back later for more details of our trip to Bike Week and trip home through the Smokey Mtns., the Blue Ridge Parkway and portions of the Allegheny Mtns. I've got a few more photos for you to see (but I promise not to post all 261 !).

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Karen said...

Glad to hear that you are home safe and sound. It must have been a wounderful trip. I look forward to seeing your scenery pictures.