Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Home Improvement

A continuation of last weekend's labors made this view of the deck look finished. But we've still got quite a bit of work ahead of us.

By sunset today, we had some of the furniture moved back up. A portion of the underneath is now enclosed and all the railings are up. The stairs remain. They may have to wait until we're back from our upcoming vacation.

We took a short break on Saturday to watch the Kentucky Derby. (If you missed it, you can click on this link to watch a replay.) Though all the action takes place just a few miles from us, we've never been to the Derby or the Oaks (Friday's race for the fillies that is popular with the local folks). The local television stations cover both days all day long so we enjoyed watching portions of that. The joy of the owners and trainers of the winner, Big Brown was tempered by the tragic story of Eight Belles. Such a disappointment and loss for her fans.

We did manage to get a motorcycle ride in this afternoon. After all, we have to get some practice in for our upcoming trip! I even practiced packing our new pack; trying to make sure that I can fit enough clothing for several days. It will be a challenge, but I'm sure I can get enough in for me! There might be enough room for one t-shirt and some underwear for him! The countdown is on for our next big adventure!

At Mann's Harley-Davidson today, they were giving away these bandannas. Someone at Harley's marketing department did a good job coming up with this one. One word of caution - if you are easily offended, my apologies. But if you want, you can click on the photo to enlarge to read and smile :)


Happy Camper Quilts said...

The deck and the quilt look great. I'm doing my first stippling on a quilt using my machine versus renting a long arm. It's a big challenge, trust me. Also,I don't recall seeing that kind of cat before, (color/markings are gorgeous)!

Janet said...

Good luck with the stippling! I hope someday I can do a whole quilt. I'll probaby send the next project out though.

Beamer is a Bengal. They are bred as a cross between an Asian Leopard Cat and domestic shorthair. After about 5 generations, (F5) they still have a wild look but a sweet, funny personality. He does have his own mind sometimes!