Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Valentine For You

Up, Up and Away to Valentine's Day!
It is so much easier to to snap a photo of these gigantic ballons at the grocery store than to actually bring one home !
We finally got some winter weather - but in the form of a thin layer of ice which was almost too much for this poor tree in our backyard. But it popped backup this afternoon when the sun came out. Talk about popping up - look at grandpuppy Leo's ears! He's losing his puppy ears and getting grown up German Shepherd features. I spent some time in the kitchen this afternoon so I could leave you with a valentine. So for those of you that I didn't get a card off to - this is it. But the only catch is you have to come help me eat them. Probably not the best choice for the healthy eating plan so what I don't give away will go in the freezer, maybe:)
Happy Valentine's Day !


joeks said...

yummmm! We'll be right over to help you with these! :-)

Jessica said...

Happy Valentine's Day Aunt Janet! Once again,you and mom made identical cookies.:)

Janet said...

This is just getting too spooky! But after all - great minds, think alike, right?