Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Last Weekend ?

After a couple of stormy days here in Southern Indiana, we were again blessed with a beautiful fall weekend perfect for motorcycle riding. Will it be the last? I hardly think so, unless the snow starts flying ! We were lucky to get some significant rain this past week and also lucky to miss the tornados and high winds that hit some nearby areas of the county.

Our Saturday riding partners are increasing! We now have a "gang" ! We are a pretty threatening looking bunch aren't we. Thanks for joining in on the fun everyone. We enjoyed the company!

Our destination was The Dock Restaurant in Leavenworth. Our adventure of the day included a pleasant lunch on the patio and a stop at Turtle Run Winery for a little wine tasting for some. Now I know, some of you are thinking "didn't they do a bourbon tasting at Maker's Mark last weekend?" I admit to that, but trust me this is not a theme! Though when I think back, we have been to Huber Winery and French Lick Winery all since we got the bike - hmm maybe there is a theme here. One thing these wineries have in common is that they are located near some of the most scenic roads for motorcycle riding. And one thing all of our driver's have in common is responsibility when it comes to wine or bourbon tasting. So please don't worry about that!
The bugs were out in full force too. Sometimes it's nice to share your special windshield cleaner with your friends!

Today we took advantage of another beautiful day for a ride to the north. Near Seymour there are several pumpkin farms. I missed the photo of the great big pumpkins still resting in the fields but managed to get one of this quaint little stand.

This past year has gone so fast. It seems are to believe that one year ago today our little girl got married. We were lucky to have pretty fall day then too, though it was several degrees cooler. Congratulations B & N !
I just checked the weather for next weekend and we may have to bundle up a little more, but my guess is, we'll be riding somewhere! Stay tuned to see where we end up. Have a great week!

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