Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Photos

We haven't been "on the road" very much this summer.  It's just too dang hot to ride the motorcycle.  But I'll share some photo highlights of the last couple of weeks.

One day last week, I accompanied D on a short business errand to Shelbyville, KY.  We stopped for lunch at the historic Science Hill Inn where we found this kitty making the most of any shade he could find on a hot summer day.

There's been a little pool time, in the "little" pool!  This little grandson enjoys it but sometimes it's almost like getting in a hot bath!

Before the heat wave made an extended stay, we had a few nice days.  The Belle of Louisville cruised by one evening when we stopped at the River Stage to check out the Friday concert.
I have been doing some sewing since it stays nice and cool in my basement sewing room.  These are some little bags I finished last week.  I've also been practicing some free motion quilting on a little baby sized quilt.  That technique still frustrates me so I've signed up for a machine quilting class at The Smocking Shop in a couple of weeks.

We do have a couple of RV/motorcycle trips in the planning stages for later this summer.  More on those later.  Hope you all are enjoying your summer!  Stay cool.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You're making the most of your time despite the heat, love those pretty snap bags as well as your little swimmer! Cute!!

Lori said...

We haven't ridden near as much as we have in the past either for the same reason. It ceases to be fun when the air, engine and pavement radiates heat. Cute grand and love those bags. They would make a wonderful stocking stuffer type thing for Christmas. Is there a pattern? or did you design them yourself?

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Look what you get to do when your not "on the road". Love those little bags, your flowers are beautiful and you get to sit in a hot sauna itsy bitsy bathrub. lolol
I can't imagine riding a motorcycle in this weather. It has been terrible. Just putting that helmet on would kill me.

Anonymous said...

A friend gave me a bag like that at a retreat and then I bought the pattern so I could make some ...... only I've not done that yet. They are neat!
We've had a stay-at-home summer too other than my visits to see family down in Indiana. It's so hot that staying home is what I want to do. I think I'm ready for the hot summer to come to an end and let autumn move in.