Friday, September 4, 2009

Yes, There's Still More Miles to Cover

There's still more to tell about our trip a couple of weeks ago so I'll try to cover the next several miles. 
The increased elevation of Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park was a welcome relief  from the record breaking temps of the eastern states.  We found Skyline Drive to be a beautiful ride. 
Back in the 1930's the Civilian Conservation Corps were instrumental in the developement of one of  the country's first National Park to be established in the eastern United States.  This statue at the Big Meadows visitor center honors these men.
When lunch time came around on the first leg of our Shenandoah drive, we took off down a side road toward the little town of Luray, VA.  We definitely lucked out when we came upon the Brookside Restaurant and Cabins.  Obviously a favorite of the locals and tourists, we were able to get a tasty country all you can eat buffet lunch for $5.75!   
We saw lots of deer along the road on Skyline Drive.  They didn't seem to be too scared of the traffic (the speed limit is only 35 mph anyway) and this little guy was kind enough to pose for a photo.  But I had the camera ready for the one animal that I have never seen in the wild.  I had just begun to think it would never be........
There he is!!!  Did you see him?  I almost had put my camera away when I spotted him (or her?) scrounging for berries in the woods.  D stopped and turned around and we sat on the bike for a few moments to watch him and snap a few photos.  My wildlife goal is met.  Now I think I'll put a moose on the list!
When we came to the end of Skyline Drive near Waynesboro (after a very young park ranger stopped to kindly remind us that the speed limit was 35 mph :) ) I did a little research and found that nearby  Staunton, VA was home to Rachel's Quilt Patch in the historic downtown.
After a few minutes browsing and visiting with the owner, we found a nice restaurant for dinner next door in the old train station.  We were impressed by the restoration efforts of the beautiful architecture of many of the buildings downtown. 
Before heading out on the last leg of our trip the next morning, we took one more side trip.  We rode over to  Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in Charlottesville, VA.  We took one of the early morning tours of the home and roamed around the grounds.  All very interesting and Mr. Jefferson was ahead of his time in many respects when it came to his home.  Unfortunately no photos allowed in the house but we did take several as we admired the surrounding gardens.   
So now I'm ready to lead you onto the last leg of our trip.  Hopefully you're not too bored with this yet!  The upper portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway was the one section of the parkway we had not yet explored. 
Blogger won't let me add more photos to this post - I guess I'll have to continue with a new one.   So you'll have to suffer through another travelogue!   And I hope to return to posting some more cute grandbaby photos too.  By the way - maybe you've noticed the new baby-ticker on the sidebar!?  Yes another grandbaby on the way!  J and J will be giving little J a little brother or sister :)  next spring.   Another exciting year in store for our family!


Thimbleanna said...

Eeeek -- a Bear! How exciting! I'll bet that was really run. Hopefully, Mr. Nice Park Ranger didn't give you a souvenier!

Lori said...

I am absolutely not bored. I enjoy hearing about your trip in "my mountains". :).