Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Almost 700 Miles Isn't Short

It's hard to believe it is September already!  Once this month is over, the good motorcycle riding weather won't last long.  So last weekend we took a short (some people wouldn't say almost 700 miles isn't short!) trip to a part of Kentucky and a little of Tennessee that we've not explored.  Friday afternoon we traveled some back roads to stay off of rough I-65 and made our way to Clarksville, TN where we spent the night.  It was meant to be just a starting point for the next leg of our journey, but D was kind enough to let me seek out a quilt shop before leaving town.  Blooming Stitches is a very nice, bright and  friendly shop.  Of course I made some purchases and you can see the owner, Christine in the red top, cutting my selections.  That's all you'll see of that though because hopefully it will turn into a Christmas present for someone special!   
The next leg of the trip was a journey up the "trace" in the middle of the Land Between the Lakes.  Bounded on either side by Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake, this National Recreation Area has a lot of interesting places to explore. 
We found the old iron furnaces to be interesting as well as the Visitor Centers.  It was interesting to see the displays about the original residents of the area and how their descendants were uprooted and re-located when the TVA took over the land to develope a national recreation area. 
Driving up the middle of the penninsula, we saw very little of either of the lakes.  But we took one of the only paved side roads to explore some of the lakeshore.  With over 300 miles of untouched shoreline, there are so many beautiful, secluded spots for a little fishing. 
One thing every visitor to this area must do is stop at Grand Rivers, Kentucky to enjoy a meal at Patti's Settlement.  We had heard the food was good here, but had no idea the whole establishment was so huge.  In fact, we didn't even realize all the little shopping areas behind the restaurant existed until after we had finished our meal.  
D had to order the "famous" TWO inch pork chop!  Don't you love the satisfied look on his face!  I told him I wouldn't post this pic.  But I lied! 
Notice, no potato.  This is why. 
Another one of those photos that can be an optical illusion.  The coconut cream pie was huge, but maybe not as huge as it appears here!  Our ride home on Sunday included a stop at the Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth, IN where we met up with friends B & D on their motorcycle.  We then stopped at the town of Lanesville to check out Heritage Weekend and a few of the old tractors and steam engines. 
With our farm backgrounds, just like the old folks that we've become, we reminisced about some of the old tractors from our childhoods. Especially this old John Deere! 
Couldn't help myself with this photo!  Pretty good Abe Lincoln impersonator isn't he? (I don't know why I can't get this one centered though!)
And of course I had to post this photo too.  Sorry Mr. D but the look on your face as you tried your hand at goat milking was just too priceless!
So once again, I give you another travelogue!  But that's what we've been doing.  A little quilty stuff has been started, but don't expect to see many photos.  I've been enjoying watching the little peanut a couple of days a week and it's made me realize how hard I worked back some 25-30 years ago!  Thanks for stopping by again!


Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- Good Blogger, Bad Wife!!! I love your little "short" trips -- and so fun that you get to visit quilt shops!

Brooke said...

I'm needing some of these pictures. I really like the one of you and dad with the bike. Oh, and the one of dad with the pork chop :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, you were in my neck of the woods at Patti's ... gotta love their super-yummy food!