Monday, January 19, 2009

Loser Monday Update

Good Loser Monday Morning Everyone!

Just a quick post this morning before I'm off to my gym, Total Fitness. Two classes this morning, first is REP Rebok - which is with weights, kind of like Body Pump if you're familiar with that. Then Hi-Lo which is an aerobics class. Most of my classmates are women close to my age and we have a good time. Luckily our instructor doesn't mind the chatter and camaraderie!

I've been dreading today's post because I was afraid I wouldn't have any loss to post - but just got off the scale and I am down about .4 of a pound!

Overall, I think I did pretty good with the eating and definitely with the exercise. We even went out one night with folks from D's work at a wonderful restaurant, Napa River Grill (Sorry, no pics. I didn't want to embarrass my hubby!) and then again Friday night to the Irish Rover.

I was going to try to post a recipe every Monday, but I need to get going, so maybe later today!

Good Luck all you Losers out there!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Good job on the weight loss. Even with going out to eat. That's great.

deb said...

Sounds like the exercise is going great, and any loss is a good loss!!!!

Tropical Storm Jenessa said...

good job, in the end being healthier overall is more important - and all those .4s add up!