Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Good Eggs!

Every holiday has that one food that my family absolutely must have. Do you have an idea what that might be for Easter? As I said earlier, we spent this weekend with J & J so Dad could help J with his basement. They hope to finish it in time for arrival of Grandbaby #1. The other J is carrying on the family deviled egg tradition! Of course we had a great ham too! Looks yummy doesn't it? Hope you all had a nice Easter dinner too.

J and I spent Saturday doing what else, but shopping! Mostly just ooing and ahhing at all the cute things at Babies "R" Us. I've been out of the baby shopping loop for close to 25 years so I found it quite interesting to see everything that's available for babies in this century! How did we get along without a Diaper Genie or a wipee warmer? J & J will be registering at a couple of stores for baby shower gifts soon, but want to wait to find out if they need pink or blue. The big news will be coming in a few days! That is another thing that is so different from twenty-five plus years ago! Who would have thought to register for baby gifts back in small town, Kansas farm country. Either times have changed or I'm getting OLD!
First bloggy photos of Grandbaby #1 ! Little J is all baby, front and center !
Last week while in the midst of catching up on some blog reading at Red Geranium Cottage I learned of a quilt shop near J & J's home. So keeping up with my own personal quilt shop hop, we had to stop at Helen's Hen House Quilts. It is a great shop in a beautiful old house (this photo doesn't do it justice!) with a great selection of fabrics. I refrained from making any purchases here since I'm pretty well stocked up from my last shopping trip but I'm sure that the next time we're in town, I'll stop again. Although I'm not a knitter, we were fascinated by the yarn shop in the upper level of the home. The girls (at least B & J anyway) are convinced that I'm a bad influence on them. Last week, B bought fabric and started another quilt. This week, J bought a kit of fluffy, soft fabrics at Jo-Ann's to make a quilt. Sorry girls :)
Here's the quilt that I completed before Christmas. I just got it back from the long-arm quilter lady and took it over to the parents-to-be to add to their collection of baby "stuff". I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but it is quilted with circles to carry on the theme of some of the thirties fabrics. I've been reading where quilters need to remember to sign and date their work. I haven't done that to this one yet, but I think I'll make a label of some sort to sew to the back the next time I visit. I also decided it was time that J had his baby quilt back. This is the quilt that my mother made for him almost 27 years ago. It is an appliqued farm scene with geese, chickens and fluffy sheep. I really don't know why she didn't make it with a cow somewhere on it, since that's what Grandpa M made a living from! It shows signs of lots of loving but lots of memories too. You may not be able to read the embroidery of his name, birthday and weight, but it's there. Here's that little boy, all grown up, getting a lesson in wiring from Dad. Passing on another family tradition I guess. D learned a wide variety of useful trades from his dad. Carpenter, plumber, electrician. Saves a lot of money when it comes to home improvement projects!
Have a great week!


JD said...

It was a great weekend, and great pictures!! I know my brother really wants to see the blog, passing it on for more people to read! Glad you got back good, and just think the next holidays will be so different and exciting with a baby around!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love the pregnant momma. What a cute photo. I made that same baby quilt with the bricks. Almost the same exact fabs. It's a great one for baby.
I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Missouri.

Treasa said...

The baby quilt is adorable.I added you to my blogroll.We have a fifth wheel so I like to read other rv'ers blog. Thanks for stopping by.