Sunday, September 16, 2007

Surprise for me !

The weather here in Southern Indiana has finally become more seasonable. Although it has been extremely dry, this weekend was beautiful. Just enough chill in the air Saturday morning to make me think fall is finally here.

Our weekend started out very pleasant with dinner Friday evening with our friends C & P at a new establishment in New Albany. Speakeasy is a restaurant/jazz club in one of the old buildings in the downtown area. We enjoyed the company, conversation, ambiance and the music but would have to give only about 2 stars on a review of the food. Hopefully, that will all fall into place as they grow.

On Saturday, our planned breakfast run back to the Story Inn with another novice biking couple was pretty chilly. But we warmed up quickly with coffee, banana walnut pancakes and good ol' bacon and eggs ! We've made this trip several times since we got the motorcycle and always enjoy it. Of course we had to browse the shops in Nashville where the fall decorations were plentiful.

We headed home early because I thought C & G were anxious to watch the Louisville/UK football game. Little did I know there was a surprise waiting for me !

J & J and the two dogs (T & L) had taken advantage of the pretty day to make the trip from MO to see Mom and Dad! Of course Dad was in on the plan but I was certainly surprised when we came around the corner and I saw the dogs playing in our back yard and the "kids" lounging in the driveway. So we cooked some steaks on the grill and pulled together a pretty good meal (if I do say so myself!) and enjoyed a nice family evening. B & N even came by after work to "hang out" for a while. Unfortunately, Beamer and B's cat Tini were not as happy to see T & L as the rest of us were. Beamer hid in the basement or on top of the dryer in the laundry room for most of the weekend. See the fear on his face and the fur raised on his back - poor baby! He's not as tough as he thought he was.

As of right now though, I believe he has recovered and back on his perch on back of the couch. Tini, however, is probably still hiding under the bed! I hope T & L have recovered too! They probably can't figure out how come these furry friends are not as fond of them as everyone else is!

This might be a decade or two late, but Dad and son shared their first ride together on a motorcycle.

Tomorrow is the September meeting of my block of the month club at Among Friends Quilt Shop. I finally finished the block but this one was a bit of a challenge for me. Too many pieces! Only three more blocks to go. I chose the Sonnet collection of fabrics and I am looking forward to having someone machine quilt it when I get them all put together.

Have a good week everyone!


sarah said...

looks like yall had fun. what is this "fall weather" you speak of? i don't think we get that here.

p.s. i do read your blogs, but my computer doesn't let me make comments very often.

James said...

where's the food (steak!) photo? Also, i believe J & Dad had their 1st ride on a motorcycle in Tincup, CO. Anyways, nice blogging!

Janet said...

Yep, you're right! I thought of that after I published this. I forgot to take a photo of the steak - sorry. Guess we'll just have to do that next time! Maybe J can cook the steaks?

Sarah - it looks like the fall weather has disappeared here again. They're forcasting upper 80's again this week :(