Sunday, September 9, 2007

On the Road with REMC Ride for Charity

This past Saturday we rode in our first large group motorcycle ride. It was the REMC Ride for Charity. My friend, Norma, let us know about the ride as she was a volunteer again this year. You can see her here, though her orange shirt almost makes her invisible in front of the orange shirt display! With the threat of rain, the number of bikers was down this year, but there was still a nice turnout with about 150-175 bikers and riders. I know this isn't as big as some rides we've heard about, but to us it was impressive.
Everyone gathered at the picnic grounds behind the REMC offices for registration, the National Anthem and a prayer for a safe ride. They were selling raffle tickets for donated prizes but we weren't lucky enough to win anything. We did win a door prize of a REMC cookbook! After the ride, we met back here for a late lunch of hotdogs and brats. They all did a nice job of organizing this event - but I guess we didn't really have anything to compare it too either !

These photos were taken as everyone was lining up to head out. Imagine the sound of all of these motorcycles when they started their engines. I would guess that about 80% of the motorcycles were Harleys. We only saw one other V-Star, but there might have been more. The county sheriff and local police blocked traffic at all the major intersections so the group could travel together. It made it nice for the riders, but I bet there were some frustrated motorists. The line of motorcycles was two abreast and probably stretched for at least a mile - maybe more. (I'm not a very good judge of distance !) There were lots of folks lined up along the route and kids waving - just like we were some kind of parade!
It finally began to rain when we were almost to the third stop. We did get a little wet but we decided not to stop and put on our Frogg Toggs as we quickly ran out of the rain. The whole ride was only 95 miles and we had three stops along the way. I don't know if that is typical for a ride that distance but to us it seemed like one stop or maybe two would have been sufficient.
Overall, we had a good time and will definitely do something like this again. It is nice to have events like this where our entry fees go to a worthy cause and yet everyone gets together and has a good time.

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Rhonda and Allyn said...

Janet. I enjoyed reading about the ride event. In all the years we've been riding, since 2001, we have not once ridden in a large organized event such as that. It seems every time one is going on, one of us is working or something else happens. I would LOVE to do that one day. I enjoyed reading about it! Now....if you HAD of put those Frogg Toggs on, you would have certainly stayed dry. We have a pair each and it rained HARD during one of our rides in the mountains and we stayed dry as dry can be. They pack very well too, don't they. We had thought many times about getting the HD ones, but like our Froggs so much, we just hang on to them.