Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Star Days 2007

Back in June of this year we became the owners of new Yamaha V-Star 1300 motorcycle. After joining the owner's group, we signed up for Star Days in Chattanooga, TN. Since we hadn't been to that part of TN before we thought it would make a nice little trip. We didn't ride the bike all the way there, but instead used the new enclosed trailer and drove the truck south on I-65. After a major traffic jam in Nashville, we finally made it. We stayed a Hampton Inn that ended up being quite a nice place. Our little motorcycle trailer was quite the conversation piece and even led to us meeting a nice group of folks from south Georgia. We enjoyed riding and visiting some of the areas tourist sites with them. We rode the Incline, visited Ruby Falls and even Rock City. As a side trip on our way home, we drove to Tellico Plains, parked the truck, and ventured out into the Smokey Mtns on the bike. Even though the heavy fog on the Cherhola Skyway obscured the beautiful scenery, we made it to Deal's Gap and the "famous" Dragon (318 curves in 11 miles) The weather had cleared up by then and we conquered the "dragon". Despite my fears, Dennis proved he is a competent biker and we really enjoyed ourselves. We got only slightly wet on the remainder of our ride back to the truck and we made in back to Southern Indiana by 10:30 that night.

I am still experimenting with the this sight, so please be patient.

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Rhonda and Allyn said...

Hi Janet! I'm Rhonda from the "Our Life on Wheels" blog that you just posted a comment to. Seems like we have just come back from almost the exact same trip! We more than likely passed each other on motorcycles on this trip, possibly, more than once!! We had a great time. That is amazing!!! By the time we got to Cherohala Skyway, the fog had lifted. I'm horribly scared of fog on those mountains!!

We are going back to the mountains in late Oct with our bike to see the leaves. Are you guys going then?

Would love to hear more from you. Send me another blog message or email (see my email address in my profile). I'd love to get together with you on some bike trips sometime!

You need to try Ironhorse, it was fantastic.

Ya'll really have a nice motorcycle. We started out with a toyhauler (an RV with a garage) back in 2003 and that's how we camped with our motorcycle. With a toyhauler, you can do both things, take your camper and motorcycle. We have evolved to the motorhome now and take our bike on a trailer behind it. If you ever trade RVs, you might want to consider a toyhauler, that way you won't have to leave the camper at home. :o)

Love your kitty! I love cats too and have a few.

Take care,