Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Playing Catch Up and Easter April 13-16

We've had our Electra Townie Bicycles for several years, but haven't  used them very much. So since we were parked near Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA we drove the Jeep over and unloaded them for a scenic trek through the park on the designated bike trails.  
I was a little disappointed that we were a little late for the blooming of the azaleas  but it was a beautiful day and there were few people in the park.  The bike paths are in great shape, except for a little drop off on the sides (ask me sometime how I know that can be dangerous 😬) with few hills.  
 There were a few late blooming azaleas. 

The Chapel and my attempt at creative photography.

 A stop at the Butterfly Center in the park was interesting but it was not easy to get a photo of the active residents!

We enjoyed our 8 1/2 mile bike ride through the park! 

After leaving the park, we strolled through the little town of Pine Mountain.  There are several  little shoppes, but one that we found most interesting was the antique store that had a large collection of antique radios in every size, shape and condition. 

Easter Sunday was moving day for us.  One chore after parked under the trees for several days was to sweep the roof of debris.  I'm glad someone isn't afraid of heights!

Our Easter Holiday meal this year was different than in the past.  But I did make an effort to be festive and change up  from our usual cereal.  I was feeling a little blue though since we usually have a big Easter Egg Hunt with all the grandkids.  We did FaceTime with them though, thanks to our son and his efforts to round everyone up at the family picnic and egg hunt at a local park.  

This photo is so typical of any efforts to get all six of them together. We sure do miss these guys though.  The worst part of this new lifestyle:(  Thanks to our daughter for taking this pic and knowing I would have been trying to do the same!!  Happy Easter!

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Thimbleanna said...

It looks like your traveling life is off to a great start! Your pictures are beautiful. And thank goodness for facetime!