Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Last Days of Winter

As I told you in my last post, we spent a few days with our grandsons in St. Louis.  It was pretty nice weather  while we were there, except  for the wind!  I made an attempt to get some good photos of the boys but wasn't too successful this time.  Big brother J looks like he is going to strangle his little bro here, but in reality was just about to give him a hug!  They are very close and love each other so much!  The younger one ( I can't say little, because they almost the same size!) idolizes J and tries to do just about everything his big brother does.  

A few days after we returned home, the temperatures soared and like much of the midwest, we are having an early Spring.  My daffodils are going crazy - but I had a visitor who was doing his best to keep them under control!

This weekend the wonderful Spring weather continued.  It is hard to believe that there are still a few days left of winter and spring really isn't supposed to be here yet.  We took advantage of the warmth and got the motorcycle out and took a short ride on Saturday and again today.  Yesterday we drove up to Columbus Indiana and had lunch at one of the many little restaurants on Main Street.  They have planted Aristocrat Pear Trees along the street and they were so pretty!  
I don't know much about this, but we were impressed with The Commons.  I believe it was originally a mall abut has been re-purposed into an indoor park and concert venue. 

We could see kids playing inside on some interesting play structures.  It looks like a great place to visit with kids on a rainy day!
Another photo of one of the many trees lining Main Street.  This was taken on my phone and then edited using my favorite phone app, Instagram.  
No photos from our ride today.  But only because I was lazy and just sat back and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and weather.  Who knows how many days we'll have like this before the seasons realize they've gotten so mixed up!


Michelle said...

Oh those babies are so handsome, and growing up so fast! The trees were very pretty. Sounds like you had a nice ride too. Have a great week!

joeks said...

I just posted early Spring photos today too! We'll enjoy it while we have it!

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, isn't that the truth -- it really is mixed up this year, isn't it? We have a hint of green on the tree -- up here! -- already! -- it's a month ahead of schedule! I hope we don't get a big freeze or there's going to be some hurting plant life!