Monday, August 22, 2011

This Makes Me Smile!

This photo makes me so happy!  Finally, all three little cousins together and they had such a good time! We spent an afternoon at Grants Farm in St. Louis where the boys had fun looking at all the animals and the famous Clydesdale horses.  I'm not sure how we got so lucky to get them all seated and posing for this photo but it makes this Grammie so happy to have this keepsake of a fun weekend.  The oldest on the left just turned three, his "little" brother in the middle is 16 months old and the Indiana cousin on the right turned two in July.

It was a beautiful day with a gorgeous blue sky and the young Clydesdale provided a perfect photo op for us!

 I don't know how many goats were in the petting zoo but they certainly were all well fed!   J and D were not so sure about the friendly little creatures as they begged for more milk but eventually complied. 

 No real reason, but I just thought you all might enjoy this photo my husband took of one of the friendly llamas! And I don't really have anything clever to add.  Maybe someone else can think of a good caption for the llama photo?  

We enjoyed our visit to Grant's Farm.  We've talked about going before but I'm glad we waited until we had three terrific little grandsons to enjoy it with us! Thanks for letting me do a little Grammie bragging with you.


Michelle said...

Beautiful boys! I can see why you are smiling. Neat pictures at Grant's Farm. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your photography is excellent! The picture that makes Grammie smile makes us all smile; it's a treasure, Janet! Your babies are growing up, what handsome little guys they are too. You have a perfect souvenir of a wonderful time together.

joeks said...

: ) : ) : )