Monday, January 3, 2011

In the Rear View Mirror....

Happy New Year! 
Right when I finally get used to writing 2010, time as flown by and here comes 2011! This year I decided to put together a collage of sewing and quilting projects of the past year.  While browsing though my photo files and blog posts I became acutely aware of how fast the year had sped by.  It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I was working on  baby quilts for the newest grandson, but of course that was in March  and April!  Looking here at the collage, I did get several things accomplished, but there are so many more that are left unfinished in the sewing closet ... and my mind!  Aren't we always filled with the best intentions only to be sidetracked by something else?!  Hopefully some of those will show up in next year's collage, along with some I haven't even thought of yet!

Most of these projects I blogged about during the year.  The table runners have left as gifts and the baby quilts are being well loved.  The table toppers are fast and fun to make and I even incorporated a little machine embroidery on one.  I've used my new embroidery machine to do several towels, shirts, pillow cases and made shoe bags for Christmas presents.  Actually there were many more embroidery projects than I've shown here. Plus I started crocheting again too and didn't include any photos of the hats I've finished in the last few months.  My favorite quilt of the year is the red and taupe one.  My one regret is that I didn't make it bigger.  The most recent completion is the Christmas stocking wall hanging.  In fact, I didn't get it done and hung on the wall until two days before Christmas! 

So there you have it!  Though maybe I'm not as prolific of quilter as many, it was good to review what I have accomplished, just for my own sense of accomplishment!  Now I'm going to do another photo collage of the places we've visited this past year.  That should be fun!  And I'll have another blog post soon too! 

Happy Anniversary Mr. OntheroadwithJanet!  After 36 years, I guess you're still following me!  Or maybe it's the other way around!  Either way, it's a great trip!  Love ya!


Thimbleanna said...

Happy Anniversary! We just had ours a week ago -- poor ManoftheHouse, his anniversary always gets lost in the holidays. Looks like a great list of accomplishments -- Congratulations!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Some really great projects, Janet. Happy 2011. Sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and so nice to meet you. Thanks so much for the comment over on my blog.

So nice of you to leave me a bit of info on Wisconsin. Not sure yet that our feet will touch down there but there is a strong possibility that it will become home for us.

Take care! Bad weather here tonite.