Friday, December 3, 2010

Please Bear With Me!

Is anyone still out there? Or has my blogging negligence lost any of my followers that still take the time to read what little drivel I might finally produce?

Last night after a nice encouraging conversation with my daughter E, I finally found some desire to update this little blog. After all, this is my 300th post(!!) and we just returned from another wonderful trip so I have some great photos from our trip to New Orleans and Oklahoma where we spent Thanksgiving with my sister's family and also our son and his family. Plus tomorrow is my 56th birthday(!).

But yesterday was the day my laptop hard drive decided to take it's last whirly breath :(. I'm trying to not be too concerned, after all we've got a new iPad, a combination birthday, Christmas, anniversary present. So after transferring several photos to use I logged onto Blogspot only to discover that it's not supported on the iPad! My blogging desire is slowly dissipating and and this, my 300th post, is published by using the email posting function of Blogger.

So until I get my PC repaired, my NOLA and my cute grandson photos will have to wait until later. And while many of you are posting your pictures of holiday decorations, quilts and cookie recipes I'll be reading your blogs and working up to posting my 301st blog entry. Hopefully it won't take as long!

One photo to share. Grammie and Papaw with little J and his "little" brother B in my sister's OK backyard.

Thanks for bearing with me!


Thimbleanna said...

I'm still here Janet! Boy, oh boy -- those little guys are sure getting big! Hard to believe -- I remember when the first one was born!

Lori said...

Everyone needs a little break now and then. Can't wait to see your pics when everything is up and running and again.

Michelle said...

I'm still here! Why don't you download Windows Live Writer, and Windows Live Mail. That is what I use. The program is so much easier to use than the blogger program. Check it out!!!!

Filled with quilty goodness said...

Blog whenever it does your heaart good. A blog post should be a gift to yourself as well as a message to the world.