Monday, December 28, 2009

The Best Gift....Ever!

Okay - you'll have to indulge me this once. If you stopped by to see a travel or craft related post, you'll not find that  here today.    Just the highlight of Christmas week here at our house.  These two little boy cousins met for the first time and  I tried all weekend to get a good photo  of them together.  Both are adorable, but also very active little boys so this is the best I could do.   

The little peanut came to Grammie's in his cute reindeer pj's.  Little J had the cutest little sweater vest and looked very much the big brother he soon will be.

Peanut was awed by his cousin.  J loves Dora the Explorer and loved his new toothbrush Santa left in his stocking.

But he loves his little cousin enough to give him a "brotherly" kiss.

And I think Peanut was just as excited to meet a new pal!

With his own version of "brotherly" love! 

Leap Frog for the little cousin.

And Elmo for the toddler cousin!

They were both so cute opening all their gifts but it pretty much took us all day with  breaks for bottles, naps, snacks and diaper changes.  There may have been some gifts for the older kids too!  In fact, the big boys had a blast playing with their remote control helicopters and everyone enjoyed the cookies, candy and other snacks that kept us going until an early supper.

Boys with toys!

Thank you  all for coming home for Christmas!  The best gift .... ever!

And just because this is my blog and I can post cute pictures of adorable little grandsons if I choose too!

Our best wishes for a Happy New Year from our family to yours! 


JD said...

cute post! still hard to believe joey will be a big brother next christmas! i cannot wait!

Thimbleanna said...

Awwwww, they're SO cute! Just think -- next Christmas there will be three little babies -- maybe even four LOL!

Lori said...

Cute pics and not just the kids! What a nice family picture. Those times are special.