Monday, November 30, 2009

The Last of November

Perhaps before the month of November is over (I guess that would be within the next 1 1/2 hours!) I should finish posting about our return  home from our last motorcycle trip.  We covered some areas that were new to us but mainly rode the interstate up through Georgia.

Somewhere along I-75 we saw a sign for Ellis Bros. Pecans - We're Nuts.  This proved to be a great place for a break, plus I was able to stock up on fresh pecans for holiday baking.  Not to mention the sugared pecans, the chocolate pecans and the candied pecans!  Plus they had lots of delicious samples for tasting!  

We managed to time our trip just right and missed any traffic woes going through Atlanta.  We arrived at our evening stop of Cartersville, GA with plenty of time to do a little shopping at some of the cute shops "under the bridge" downtown and have a wonderful dinner at the Applachian Grill.  Unfortunately we didn't have time to investigate the Booth Western Art Museum but it looked very interesting and if we ever come through this way again, we'll have to make sure we get there. 

Loved this little shop.  It was called Meg Pie Too and they had the most interesting counter.  I didn't get a pic but it was covered with a mosiac of all kinds of broken "knick knacks", cups, and even little toys.  Very unique!

I did it!  I managed to get a quilt shop stop on this trip!  This is Lavender Lime Quilt Shop in Chattanooga, TN.  Very friendly, cute shop with lots of samples and nice displays.  They are one of the Quilt Sampler featured shops this year.   I made a couple purchases ( their own pattern book for one) before we headed on up the road to Nashville, TN. 

We didn't stay here (too expensive for just an overnight stop) but we made a tour of the Opryland Hotel before heading home.  They have some of the prettiest Christmas decorations that are best viewed at night.  I wonder if all those poinsettias last the entire season, or if they have to replace them.   The remainder of the trip was pretty uneventful.  Except for the one rough railroad track  north of Nashville that knocked D's cell phone from it's holder on the bike.  But with a quick u-turn and a jog to the middle of the road, it was rescued with only minor scratches.  We got home just in time to begin the week of preparations for Thanksgiving at our house.  It was a nice quiet weekend for the most part.  E came from the Chicago burbs and had fun with the little Peanut.  His little shirt said Thankful for Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa but then a large piece of masking tape was added for Auntie too!   

We managed to to a little shopping.  But not on Friday!  Someone was so very good while shopping with the girls on Saturday.  He even had his first shopping cart seat ride at Dee's amongst all the Christmas crafts and decorations. 

I'm now gathering inspiration for decorating for the next holiday.  If you've got some extra - send it my way! 


Thimbleanna said...

You take the best trips! Can't wait to see what you cook up with all those pecans -- that place would be worth the trip alone!

joeks said...

My guys and T put lights up outside, we cut and put up the inside tree (lighted, but not decorated yet), and my nativity set is displayed on the buffet, but that's as far as my inspiration has gotten me yet!