Monday, October 5, 2009

He's Back !

In my last post I said D had been busy with work "stuff".  Not your ordinary work "stuff" mind you, but a twelve day jaunt to China to train new employees at a new company office and plant.  He left me behind at the homefront and though I would have loved to go along, I didn't relish the thought of days alone in a hotel room in a strange country.  Maybe next time though! 

The streets of Shanghai were just as busy and crowded in the middle of the night as they were during the daylight hours.

He and two co-workers were able to take a weekend jaunt to Bejing and take in some of the tourist sights. 

He did, in fact, climb the Great Wall !  Though it was hot and humid, they managed to cover at least a couple of miles of the wall.  The entire week the skies were overcast and hazy so photos didn't turn out as good as he'd hoped.  Here's the proof that he was there!

They were also able to go to Tiananmen Square  and the Forbidden City.  Security was stepped up in Beijing as they prepared for their 60th Anniversary and decorations were being put in place for the coming celebration.

Company employees gathered for a group photo.

The new office building and production facility under construction. 

As was the case when he visited here four years ago, the food selections were "interesting"!  I think this is pork and one of the more palatable ingredients he found. 

 He brought home lots of goodies including many of these moon cakes and lots of tea.   

It's nice to have the hubby home, safe and sound, even if he is still suffering from jet lag.  He flew back into Chicago last Thursday and instead of coming on home, I drove up and met him and we spent a couple of days with daughter E.  We drove up to Milwaukee on Friday and toured the Harley - Davidson Museum.  I'll save that for another post.  But it was interesting and definitely worth the trip especially for Harley owners.

Have a great week!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

My husband lived in Xiamen, China for two and a half years, on assignment. This was back in the 90's and our school-age children couldn't have gone as schools in mainland China would have been difficult, so we decided to stay put and he went. It's wasn't easy at the time, but, looking back, it was all good. Many of the photos look so familiar, as we visited and traveled within China during the summer months back then. I know he was happy for the experience and, if given another opportunity to join him, I would definitely jump at the chance!!

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh -- you're nuts! I would have been begging hubby to put me (and my sewing for the alone times) in his suitcase! Looks like he had a good time, even though he had to work!

Jessica said...

I will go with you next time Aunt Janet and we can do the Great Wall - I have always wanted to! I might pack some saltines and peanut butter though...

Lori said...

How fun for him! I would love to see the great wall someday. Thanks for sharing his pictures with us.