Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Riding Is Our March Madness

We've been taking advantage of every hour that's warm enough for riding the motorcycle. Yesterday, we took a quick trip over to Madison, Indiana for lunch and a little shopping at a couple of the shops downtown. Then we decided to take a little ride on past the town and loop back around to Madison and home again.......without our detailed Indiana map. A scenic ride, but we aren't really sure where we were for most of the time! But with a little backtracking to stay off some gravel roads, we made it home by suppertime.

Today was another nice day and after a little work on the kitchen cabinets (by D) and a quilt project (by me), we were off on the Harley again. We had to stop at Louisville Harley to pick up a couple of things then we were "on the road again" ! We headed down I-65 to Glendale, KY. The winter weather has been hard on that road. I thought I was going to bounce right off the back of the bike! Pot holes and rough spots in all the lanes most of the way to Elizabethtown didn't make for a very comfortable ride.

We had intentions of eating at the Whistle Stop Cafe but it was closed on Sunday. (Should have googled for the hours I guess!) But we did find that the former Depot Restaurant is now Tony York's on Main and it was open. I believe the Depot was a popular place a few years back, but had suffered a major fire and was rebuilt. It is a beautiful building, and not really the type of place we had planned on having a late lunch.

The dining room was very nice with white tablecloths and the works. As we were leaving we saw that some other folks (on motorcycles too) were enjoying the nice deck and patio area. We probably would have fit in better there with our boots and jackets.But we did have a nice lunch. I haven't posted a food photo in awhile so I'll show you my chicken salad on cranberry bread. We avoided the interstate on the trip home, but had to endure numerous stoplights on the route that the GPS chose for us. Next time we'll plan a little better but it was still a nice ride!

Otherwise, not much to report for my week. I did finish sewing the blocks for Connie's Siggie Block Swap but I've still got to sign them. I need to get some freezer paper so I can get them done and on their way. Saturday morning I drove over to Among Friends for the BOM. Here's my completed block for this month. It turned out pretty but I'm not sure if I'd make a complete quilt with this many little pieces. Tomorrow I take my car over to get the window fixed finally. They've been waiting for the parts and they finally arrived. I hope it doesn't take too long to get it repaired. At least when it's nice, D doesn't mind riding his motorcycle to work so I can drive the truck.

Beamer has been enjoying any sunny spot he can find on the floor. The other day my new red shoes were in his way, but he didn't mind. He is a big cat as you can tell from this photo. I really do have normal size feet (size 7) but he makes these shoes look like they belong to a little girl!

When I start to post photos of my cat and my new shoes I think it means I'm searching for blog material so I guess I have nothing else interesting today. Hope you all have a nice week and are enjoying the first few days of Spring or the first few days of March (basketball) Madness, whichever makes you the happiest!


Erin said...

I always like the Beamer pics. :)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That is one BIG kitty! Enjoy your explorations together, what fun. Glad the car dilemma is being solved, I know you'll be happy to have that behind you.

joeks said...

Sounds like a nice weekend.
You wouldn't have wanted to take that ride here yesterday or today, because it is very W I N D Y.

That quilt block is very pretty.

JD said...

the chicken salad sandwich looks DELICIOUS! Yummy! We saw a cat at the memphis zoo that reminded us of Beamer. I will have to share pictures!!

Thimbleanna said...

But, we love cat and shoe pictures -- especially ones as cute as that! And boy, no kidding about I-65. I whizzed through there on Saturday and couldn't believe the state of the road. On the other hand, it's three lanes, so I wasn't complaining -- this time of year with all of the break traffic makes the two lane stretched of I-65 hard to handle!

Brooke said...

I really like the bom u did. I change my mind of the fabric too, I do think it will be really pretty

Anonymous said...

Your ride to Madison sounds like a good day. We haven't been there in years but talk about going back. I love the look of that restaurant, I just love eating at places like that, but like you I want to feel appropriately dressed, otherwise I don't enjoy myself. I still need to sign my siggy blocks too. It's high on my to-get-done list ;D
I enjoyed you post and all the photos, the shoes included.

Lori said...

We haven't been out on our bike yet. It's still been too cold up here or way too windy, so lucky you! That chicken salad sandwich on cranberry bread looks wonderful.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Beamer is a cutie. That chicken salad sammie looks delish!!!! I'm done with my Siggy blocks just need to sign. Whew!!