Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Best Kind of Re-run!

Sometimes it feels like these blogs are just re-runs, especially when we've traveled to the same destinations several times this year. Don't get me wrong - we totally enjoy our motorcycle rides especially when we've been blessed with another beautiful day to enjoy the sights and good company. Today we tested the limits of B & D's comfort on their smaller motorcycle. Either they will give up riding with us (which would make us very sad) or they will end up buying a bigger bike! Or maybe by next spring, they will have forgotten their numb bottoms and again venture out with their crazy neighbors!

We were in search of fall colors today. After almost a 200 mile round trip we determined that it's not quite peak here yet so this is as close as we could find. We might have to do another search next weekend!
Crafty news of the week. I've been working on secret projects again so check back for photos at a later date. Beamer is inspecting my newest venture. One second he was trying to figure out why I would take a photo of my knitting and the next he was attacking the needles!
I've managed to finish a scarf and one dish cloth. This is the second dish cloth. Now you girls all know what will be in your Christmas stockings! My friend, T, from aerobics has been helping me recall the knitting skills I learned about 45 years ago. (Boy, does that make me feel old!) She has been kind enough to tutor me and a couple of other friends. It's been fun getting together with this little "knitting club"!

Yesterday was our subdivision picnic. As usual there was more than enough good food. I made pumpkin cupcakes and decorated with my favorite fall candy. The recipe can be found here on Williams-Sonoma's website, only I used a regular cream cheese frosting. With so much food there, several of these are still residing in my fridge. I think one is calling my name right now!

As we arrived home this evening, we were greeted by a hot air balloon passing over our neighborhood. I'm sure these folks were enjoying their peaceful ride on a beautiful fall day!
Have a beautiful fall week everyone!

PS: Grandpa actually spent a couple of days in St. L for work related stuff and didn't even take his camera to get a photo of baby J! He does report that he is getting to be quite a big boy and still the cutest baby in MO! I'm not sure if I'll be able to last until Thanksgiving!

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Oh boy! Those cupcakes look so yummy.