Sunday, September 7, 2008

Busy, Boggling, Beautiful - Pick One Adjective !

It has been a busy week! Especially for some one who has been away from the working world for a few years! But I did enjoy my hours helping Pat from Stitcher's Workshop at the EGA Seminar boutique. Although I know very little about fine embroidery and needlework, I can run a cash register and credit card machine! If you are looking for a terrific selection of threads, charts, beads and just about every stitcher's gadget, check out her website. Seeing all the merchandise that she brought to the seminar is almost mind boggling! It was amazing to watch women come into the boutique and spend hundreds of dollars and leave with a little bag of thread and not bat an eye! But that's what she (Pat) was there for and happy to provide!

These are just a few of the samples from the shop. Aren't they beautiful? I don't have the patience to do work like this. Of course I did come home with a few small projects, but I'm still working on the needlework project I got last year! Not to mention all the quilting projects that I'm itching to get back too!
One of the other ladies helping out had used her beading skills to make this beautiful creature. Almost too life-like, don't you think!
D's dad gets in on the act too. None of this would be possible if he didn't pack, load and transport ! In addition he makes a best selling line of stretcher bars in several different sizes.

The boutique closed down at noon on Friday, but then the real work began. It is a major project to tear down and load up, but he's got it under control ! Believe it or not, that entire room of inventory and display racks is now in the back of his trailer and pickup truck! With the help of the ladies who helped box, and D, N and B who helped load. Things were zipped up by 11:00 pm. The staff at the Convention center was not too helpful though, because although Pat was supposed to have the space until midnight, they rushed us out of there to set up for another event. We were actually out of the hall by 9:00 with everything on the loading dock. Obviously, everyone was tired and hungry and hot. But overall, I think they were happy with their success of this event and are now on their way home to Arkansas.
With our guests gone and most of our lightning repairs complete, today was a gorgeous day to be out enjoying the weather. What better way than a motorcycle ride to Nashville, Indiana! Hard to believe I hadn't been on the bike in almost two weeks! All the shops in Nashville were getting ready for fall and the cool temps today really made me think it couldn't be too far away.

We took a scenic ride up through Brown County State Park. This area will be beautiful in a few weeks when the color arrives. Fall is probably the busiest time for Nashville and the surrounding campgrounds and lodges. Sometime we should either bring the camper up here or rent a cabin.

Next week was supposed to have been a motorcycle trip to the Smokey Mountains, but one of our biking buddies is nursing a sore leg, so we postponed the ride. We have ordered a small trailer to pull behind the Harley so you can look forward to seeing photos of it once we go pick it up next weekend. I hope to do some sewing, quilting, crafting, stitching, anything crafty! this week. The week after that we are looking forward to my K-State cousins visiting and attending the K-State/UofL football game. That should be fun! Then after that, we will be going back to MO to see little J !! Can't wait to see how much he's grown! He will be one month old tomorrow. Happy Birthday Grandbaby #1! Love, Grammie and Grampa.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, seeing the pix of Nashville makes me want to go up there! It's been so long since I went. I was told that the nice quilt shop (can't remember the name of it) that was in the alley has closed. Did you see any new ones? Are there still lots & lots of shops? One of my favorites is the little log cabin over near the bakery that sells sandwiches and rolls and stuff. I guess I better make a plan to go up there soon!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Looks like such a pretty, relaxing, scenic outing. Happy 1 month birthday, little J!

JD said...

thank you so much grammie and grampa, i miss you and am getting huge!!

Thimbleanna said...

The needlework boutique looks so interesting. That first sampler is beautiful!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Glad to see you've signed up for Sharon's polka dots and rick rack swap. That sounds like a fun one. I'm hosting a Halloween swap on my blog if you're a Halloweeny person.

joeks said...

I guess you HAVE been busy! But it sure sounds like it was fun too. Everything was so pretty and colorful at the boutique!
P & A just told me they would be heading your way soon. Have a good time!
Oh, and by the way, you've been tagged! :-) The rules are here.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOW I thought that bug was real until I read that it was out of beads. What pretty photos of Tenn. you took. It's so nice there.

Lucy said...

Oh my I would have swatted that bug. He He. Geez that is incredible talent! And that was quite an event...all of that stuff in - then out and then back in the trailer? My goodness. That's a big trailer. I too am so envious of needlework. I just don't have the knack for it.

Oh how I miss Northern weather. You know the good kind. I love fall and miss the turning of the seasons that we just don't get down here. I hope you got some good trips planned to see some colors in October? Of course you do... he he