Saturday, August 2, 2008

Well, first of all, blogger and Internet Explorer are not liking each
other today. So just a short post from my iPhone. Please blogger,
kiss and make up!!!

Second, probably a good thing that there is no grandbaby news! I
would be EXTREMELY upset this blogger.

Third, today is my blogiversary. Woo hoo. Guess I'll have to
celebrate later.

Hope you all can see this. Have a good day anyway!

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JD said...

why would you be upset with no baby news? I am ready. have fun biking today, it is hot!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the computer glitch.
Happy blogversary. :)

MouseChirpy said...

Hi Janet, I'm glad that you're able to blog again. It sure was frustrating, wasn't it? LOL
I really enjoyed browsing your blog. Beautiful quilts, fun trips on the Harley, and oodles of kitty pics. Ahhh, life is good!
Take care.

MouseChirpy said...

P.S. I switched to StatCounter. I'm still getting used to it but I think I might like it much better. I guess time will tell.