Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three Posts In One

I know that I should have made this post into about three different ones, but that ole' procrastination bug got to me instead.
A few quilty type things did get done though! I had considered not posting this picture, but because I haven't decided who will be the recipient, here it is. Grandbaby #1 is going to have lots of quilts, so maybe he'll get this one, and maybe he won't! Or, I may just leave it here at my house for special visits! Anyway, this was made using a pattern I found in the Summer issue of BH&G's Quilts and More. I really like this pattern and will probably use it again. No decision yet on the quilting but I'm considering do this one myself after I do some more free motion practicing. On Thursday I drove over to Among Friends Quilt Shop to pick up some "ingredients" for my cupcake swap project. I really need to get started on that! That is at the top of the list for this week. But before I stopped at AFQS, I did a little research and found the location of another quilt shop that I had heard about. Forget Me Knot Quilt Shop (Sorry, I couldn't find a website) is located in an older mall, but the store front is really quite fresh and bright. An interesting exhibit of quilts made by men (yes, men can quilt too!) adorned their walls. Overall I was impressed by the shop and I'm sure I'll be back!
I found lots of interesting patterns, but limited myself to just one!
On Friday, the new 3G iphone was released. Many of you know I've had one of the first generation iphones since last Christmas. Overall, I've been pretty happy with it and now feel lost when I don't have it nearby. Since the 2.0 software update was issued last week also, I thought I should go ahead and download it to my phone so I would be (almost) as cool as some people in my family who were getting the newer iphone. Well, let me tell you, when Apple decided to issue new phones and new software on the same day, they didn't think it through too well! In the midst of downloading my new software, itunes crashed (which you need to sync and update the phone)! I was sure I was now going to be cell phone less! My phone was completely useless, except for supposedly being able to call 911. Finally, about 2 hours later, I was able to complete the download, but I've now realized how addicted I am to my iphone! Visions of the parents-to-be trying to call me with grandbaby news plus not being able to check my email in the grocery store almost made me panic!! (Ok, I don't always check my email in the grocery, but you get the picture!) But all is well and I'm back in iphone heaven - but I still haven't figured out what all the new software gives me!

Saturday was a Harley riding day again. Of course! We dodged a few thunderstorms, but made a nice drive (on the back roads again) to Berea, Kentucky. With a stop at Shakertown in Pleasant Hill. We didn't take the time to do the tour there, but decided to wait and do that the next time we've got relatives to entertain with tourist activities. It looks like it would be really interesting though and I've heard that the food there is excellent too!

I like this sign in front of the apple orchard at Shakertown.
These fences are everywhere in Kentucky and even near here in Southern Indiana. They remind us of the stone fences that we saw all over Ireland when we visited a few years ago.
Berea, Kentucky is a great place to visit if you enjoy folk arts and crafts. We had intended on checking out an craft fair nearby but after some rain delays, we decided to not fight the muddy park and just browse the shops near the college downtown. There is a Quilt Extravaganza coming up the first weekend in August. If you are nearby and love quilts, I'm sure this would be worth the trip. This is just one of the areas of shops and galleries. There is also Old Town and several other places to visit. We both really enjoy looking at all the high quality craft items here.
We managed to stay dry for our entire trip home. Even extending it a little to drive up to La Grange to have dinner at the newest location of one of our favorite restaurants, The Irish Rover Too. We noticed when we drove into town, the train tracks running right down the middle of Main Street. D wasn't too fond of driving the bike across them but we found a parking spot near the front of the restaurant. Sure enough, while we enjoyed our Fish and Chips, the train came through town. No wonder one of the slogans for this town is "La Grange, Ky, a train runs through it"! (That's our Harley, behind the street sign as the train came down the street) Thanks for stopping by again. I'm getting very, very close to my 100th post and also my "bloganniversary". Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read and send me comments (I really like comments!) I should do something special for that 100th post - but don't know what that will be yet. Stay tuned!


JD said...

I knew your blog anniversary was approaching! Cute quilt shop in the mall. And that quilt is really cute! I love the doggie fabric on it.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

That little quilt is precious. Whoever gets it is a lucky babe. I've been through that area of Kentucky with the stone fences. They're beautiful.

JMD said...

where's the food foto?!

Janet said...

Sorry J - I didn't get a food pic this time. I guess I was too busy watching the train !

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm betting your grandson gets that precious quilt! Your post makes me want to run out and get an i-phone so that I can check my email anywhere I choose.