Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Life Changes - Happy and Sad

When one Christmas present changes your life, I'm sure most of you would not think that it would be the latest electronic gadget. But I've moved up to the 21st century with the rest of the geeks (I say that with love!) in this family, though I'm the first one to get the Apple iphone! So now my reading time has been filled with browsing through the iphone for Dummies book and attempting to update and organize my calendar, photos, music, addresses and lots of other cool stuff. I've become a little obsessive about checking my email even when I'm at the grocery store, shopping or coming out of aerobic or pilates class. I hope I can get that new addiction under control but right now it's just kinda fun! Who knows - maybe someday I'll learn mobile blogging! I've just got to learn to get my fingertips in the exact spot on that virtual keyboard. You all may wish I'd never gotten this new gadget!
The next two photos were taken on the camera in the iphone. The quality isn't quite as good as the photos from my little Kodak V550, but pretty darn good for a phone.
Beamer didn't realize I had a camera right in his face as he was waking up from one of his many naps on his current favorite spot on the back of the couch. Just like the rest of us - that cat needs some exercise! (Check out my new avatar on the sidebar. I'm really enjoying my new pilates classes but sadly, Beamer does not come along. And sadly, I don't really look like that - yet!)

This photo is of some fabric I'm in the process of assembling into a casual rag type quilt for a throw for the bed. Something the cat can sleep on and not leave a furry indention on our nice bedspread.

One of my projects before Christmas was to make aprons for E, B, J, C and P. I'm not sure if they really appreciated them or not but it was fun to put the fabrics together into something other than a quilt and they went together pretty quick once I got going. Looking on some quilt websites, there are some cute patterns out there and aprons seem to be making a come back. I remember my very first completed sewing project in 4-H club was an apron. We didn't have a wide selection of fabrics to pick from back then in our little town but as I recall, I was pretty proud of myself and the completed project. That apron is probably still around somewhere!

I hate to end on such a sad note, but I lost one of my cousins this week to cancer. I didn't really get to know Bill until we were both adults, but we enjoyed getting together occasionally when we all lived in Colorado and later Wisconsin. Early last spring B and A stopped by on their way to Florida. They taught us how to play Mexican Train Dominos late into the evening then the next day we toured the Bourbon Heritage Center near Bardstown, Kentucky. This added to many other nice memories of Bill. He'll be missed by everyone who knew him.

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