Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Miscellaneous Stuff

It time to post something on here that is not about food! So here's a look a few things I've been working on.

It is so cold outside this morning, Beamer doesn't know how lucky he is to have a sunny spot to bathe! I watched Martha Stewart this morning and she had a lady on talking about different breeds of cats. She didn't mention Bengals, so here's the Bengal pic of the day! When we became emptynesters, Beamer became our "fur" child. I've always had cats, but this one has become more of a family member than any other. You'll notice he's picked a spot next to my knitting project. My knitting mentor/friend T started me on this small scarf before Thanksgiving and I haven't worked on it since before Christmas. In fact, I've ripped and re-started on it about six times! So when our little knitting group got together last week, I re-started yet again. I think I've got it under control now in fact so maybe, just maybe, I'll finally get this accomplished and will be able to move on to something else. I saw some cute knitted purse patterns that would be fun.

Now I need a little help from some of you quilty gals out there. I finished piecing all of the accumulated BOM's from last years series from Among Friends. Now I'm ready to put them all together. As you can see, they are supposed to go "on point" in strips that are then sewn together. I've never done a quilt like that before and I'm a little confused by the instructions. So any tips are appreciated. A trip over to the store will be made this weekend for the new BOM meeting, so maybe I can pick up some tips there too.

Another question for you all. Daughter B and I are considering the decor for their nursery. Her room is already painted a nice orange color, and since they don't plan on finding out the baby's gender, she's looking for not-gender specific fabrics for the crib set that we are considering making. She found this fabric at Free Spirit, from the Urban Flannel line by Valori Wells. It is adorable and just what she's looking for, but it is flannel. Has anyone make a crib set from flannel? I know a quilt would be feasible, but not sure about the bumper, etc.

One last thing before I go - I special birthday wish to this guy! Happy Birthday to our son-in-law and the soon to be daddy, N!


JD said...

So she is getting the crib and the crib set made for her?! Wow she is lucky! Love the fabric. Is that the color orange she used, on the lion?

Janet said...

I don't think any plans are for sure - but it's time to start looking! July will be here before they know it.

Lucy said...

Janet -- I have done 2 quilts on point. I'm assuming the BOM has a special block for each corner and for the edges? Without those it probably is confusing. The layout will be assembled on the diagonal. Block to Block...then row to row. Of course the longest rows will have the corner blocks.

Just begin laying them out like a diamond instead of a square and I think you'll begin to see how that works -- and the importance of the edge and corner blocks to finish it. Now I guess those edges and corners could just be big triangles.

Hopefully that is more clear than -- mud. LOL

Wish I could give you advice on the flannel bedding -- but I really don't know pros or cons on that. If you want to hunt for some alternative fabrics -- I use Fabulous resource to find fabrics by color, manuf -- and maybe by theme (I haven't tried that). I use it to find extra yardage on something no longer @ the usual shops.

Have fun!

Lucy said...

RE: on point. Guess I should clarify -- I assembled my on point quilts on the diagonal -- but they would not need to be done that way. I just found it easier.

Cheryl said...

I have never put a on point quilt together in that way. I would just be careful of all the bias edges. The blocks are really wonderful.

Pat said...


The wedding quilts were blocks on point but because of the pattern it's hard to see that. If you take a look at the edges of the quilt you'll see the triangles that finish up the rows. I think that's the only "adjustment" you need to make and if you cut them 1/4 square triangles then the outer edges of the quilt are not on the bias. Call me if this doesn't make sense and I'll try to help.